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Hanson and the Beast (Sunehri Lomdi – सुनहरी लोमड़ी) - Hindi Dubbed Chinese Movie

Hanson and the Beast (Sunehri Lomdi - सुनहरी लोमड़ी)
Directed byXiao Yang
GenreAction, fantasy, Romance, Comedy
Produced byChen Kuo-fu Distributor, Aeon pix Studios
Release Date29 December 2017
StarsLiu Yifei, Shaofeng Feng, Jingfei Guo, Guangjie Li
Written byYiwen Guo, Yang Xiao
Box Office$2.87 billion
Budget$6.7 million
Music byMango Mok, Yadi Su, Terry Tu, Kecen Ye, Shuo Zhang
CountryChina, India
LanguageMandarin, Hindi
Running time1h 50m
Distributed byLummeWorld Pvt. Ltd. (India)
MandarinÈr Dài Yāo Jīng Zhī Jīn Shēng Yǒu Xìng

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One Opinion on “Hanson and the Beast (Sunehri Lomdi – सुनहरी लोमड़ी)

  1. deepak says:

    Sunehri Lomdi (Hanson and the Beast) is a fantastic Hindi dubbed Chinese movie that is based on action, fantasy, romance and comedy. The story of this film is very interesting in which you can watch a great story with lots of romance and comedy. You can also watch this film online on Youtube.

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