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Rajiv Tyagi - Indian Politician

Rajiv Tyagi
Birth DateN/A
Birth PlaceN/A
Full Name N/A
Residence Ghaziabad, India, Ghaziabad, India
Education MBA
Nationality Indian

Rajiv Tyagi is a famous Spokesperson of Indian National Congress who served since 2011. Rajiv Tyagi best known to debut on many news channels against BJP. He is a politician from INC Party who followed by many people on Twitter. Rajiv Tyagi best know to debut on the topic of Religion, Cast system and BJP party.

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i do regularly indulge in watching these debates as you gain a lot of knowledge about current issues and can judge the mindset of a political party. Most of the Congress spokespersons such as Priyanka Chaturvedi, Ragini Nayak, Akhilesh Pratap Singh, etc. behave in such a derogatory way in these debates and Rajiv Tyagi is no exception. He is such a shrewd (in a negative way), illogical, manner-less, rude, liar and creates a drama in the studio just to gain attention. He never answers to the questions and talks whatever he feels like. If someone stands up to him (i.e. anchor) then he stoops to such low standards that no would go down to dirt with him and then he feels that he won over everybody. The truth a is he ends up acting like a crazy & uncontrollable kid. Sometimes it seems that he way too arrogant to even be on TV let on representing Congress party.

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