Posting Rules and Guidelines

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We want to make safer, smooth and useful place to wikilistia. So we have to apply some policies and guidelines betterment of community. Please help us to improve this platform by following these guidelines.

List Specific Guidelines

Our platform core strength is Lists / Content which published by lots of users. So we want authentic, safe and unique lists for our millions viewers.

List Title

Use Long Tail Title, It can be rank higher with less marketing efforts.
Don’t Create List with Duplicate Titles.
Don’t use numbers in List title. e.g Top 10 Places, Best 20 Abdul Kalam Books etc. Because our system have ability to calculate the list items and add number where it needs.

List Item Sorting Order

Choose it carefully when you creating list e.g when creating “List of Best Amitabh Bachhan Movies” you should choose “By Votes” option. In another case if you are creating “List of Latest Amitabh Bachhan Movies” you have to choose “By Newest”. In one another case “List of Best Amitabh Bachhan Movies according to IMDB” here you should choose “By Default / Fixed”
Don’t use wrong sorting order, it can make hell your list for users.

List Description

Write few words about the list you are creating.
Don’t write promotional content or a single item specific information/content in this field.

List Tags

Add Tags to your list for more visibility on wikilistia as well as search engine.
Use more specific Tags e.g for “List of Bollywood Actors from Uttar Pradesh”. In this list you should add “Bollywood” “Actors” “People” “Uttar Pradesh” “India” etc
Don’t add tags which have no relation with list title.

Adding Item to the List

Add only relevant items to the list. We manually approve the items and other content posted on website, and we don’t allow sapm in anyway.

Item Name / Title

Item Name/Title should be exact or specific without addition of any other words.
Don’t use any other promotional content in this field.
Don’t create new item if item exist. Please select it from suggestions below this field.

Item Subtitle

Use this to highlighted some text to catching user eyes.
Don’t make it extra long.

Item Description

Write some Simple, unique, list specific and eye catching words about the item.
Don’t use copied content from anywhere else item will not be approved or content can be removed anytime from website.
Don’t use HTML or any other script in this content.

External Link Button

Use specific external link which directly related to item.
We don’t allow spam link in any way.
Affiliate links not allowed. If are a affiliate marketer and want to work with us. You can contact us.

Item Image

Use exact item related image.
Don’t use image with watermarks.
Don’t use copyrighted image.
Don’t use vulgar, nude, offensive, x-rated etc images

General Content Posting Guidelines

General content posting guidelines and rules will be apply when you posting content from any form/page of website.
E.g List  List Title, List description, Item Name/Title, Item Subtitle, Item description, Item Link Button, Comments, Question Answers and Images etc.

Illegal Content – we do not allow content which promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others. We also don’t allow to promoting illegal products which has banned by government.

Intellectual property abuse – we don’t allow to infringe copyright.

Sexually explicit content – We don’t allow content / image / links / video / audio includes pornography or other sexual material, dating, escort services, intimate massage, child or women harassment, international marriage brokers, romance tours, Mail order brides etc.

Google Adsense & Publisher Policies – We are using the google adsense for monetization this website. So you also have to comply with these policies. Please read complete google adsense policies and google publisher policies carefully.