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What is Wikilistia Partner Program?

Wikilistia partner program is a program that gives the opportunity to earn money by creating content/lists for wikilistia.com. Wikilistia pays up to Rs. 120 for creating a list with items detail and also shares the AdSense revenue for a lifetime.

How Much Money Can I make from the list I created?

There’s no limit. It depends on how many items you added in a list with completed details and how many people view your list. So make the list with complete item details and take care of the content quality, images quality, list title, and other SEO factors to rank your list on search engines.

How Income will be calculated exactly?

Item Adding charges into a list Rs. 2 per item
Item details filling charge up to Rs. 4 per item
List view charges Rs. 30 CPM (1000 views)
e.g Roughly for 20 item list with all filled item details, you can earn 20×6 = 120 approx.
Additional income depends on the list views or how much you sharing it’s on social media and other websites.

How will i got paid?

Currently, we are paying through UPI ID, PhonePe and Paytm only. So please fill your UPI ID, Phonepe or Paytm phone number in Payment Setting Page in your dashboard.

When will i be paid?

You can choose your own threshold, minimum and default threshold is Rs. 500. It means when you reached Rs. 500 in your dashboard balance, your payment would be automatically sent to your bank account, no matter it’s your 1st day as a wikilistia partner.

Any how minimum amount to got paid?

Yes, you have to earn at least 500 INR to get paid.

How can i change my threshold amount?

You can change it easily through Payment Setting page in your dashboard. You can set it to Rs. 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000.

I am from US, can i be wikilistia partner?

Sorry, currently it’s available in India only.

Are all lists eligible to generate advertising revenue?

No, all lists are not eligible, because we use google adsense advertisements on our website to generate revenue. Please read Google AdSense Program Policies and Google Publisher Policies carefully.

What will happen if we violated Google AdSense Policies, Google Publisher Policies or Wikilistia Policies?

If you violet the google policies or either wikilistia policies, Your account can be suspended or permanently terminated and you will not be wikilistia partner further more.
Read Wikilistia Policies and Guidelines

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