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What is Wikilistia 50-50 Partner Program?

Wikilistia partner program is a program which gives the opportunity to earn money by creating content/lists for wikilistia.com. Wikilistia shares 50% revenue to the content creators. If you will create a list on wikilistia, you will be 50% partner in total revenue generated by this list.

How Much Money can i make from the list i created?

There’s no limit. It’s depend on the content quality, list title and many other factors.

How Income will be calculated?

Your income will be calculated on list views.

How will i got paid?

Currently we are paying through PhonePe and Paytm only. So please fill your Phonepe or Paytm phone number in account details option in your dashboard.

When will i be paid?

We send money every month. We transfer it within first 7 working days of month.

Any how minimum amount to got paid?

Yes, you have to earned at least 500 INR to got paid.

I am from US, can i be wikilistia partner?

Sorry, currently it’s available in India only.

Are all lists eligible to generate advertising revenue?

No, all lists are not eligible, because we use google adsense advertisements on our website to generate revenue. Please read Google AdSense Program Policies and Google Publisher Policies carefully.

What will happen if we violated Google AdSense Policies, Google Publisher Policies or Wikilistia Policies?

If you violet the google policies or either wikilistia policies, Your account can be suspended or permanently terminated and you will not be wikilistia partner further more.

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