Best Book to Film Adaptations of All Time

10 Best Book to Film Adaptations of All Time: From Bestsellers to Blockbusters

Movies have used books as plot material for almost as long as movies have been around. Some books have been turned into truly great movies, with the directors having to find the best parts of the story while also making changes to make them work on screen. The best ones can capture the spirit of the book while also changing what …

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Best War Movies of All Time

Best War Movies of All Time: A Countdown of the Most Powerful Movies in the Genre

Many movies have been in the war genre since the silent era, and many people still like and use these movies today. The fact that these stories keep being told and resonating with both viewers and reviewers shows how unfortunately universal war is. War itself never seems to end. People who have seen war movies may remember wars that happened hundreds or even thousands …

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