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Note Muqabla -

Note Muqabla
Album / FilmN/A
Music LabelN/A
Release DateN/A
SingerGoldy Desi Crew ft. Gurlej Akhtar
Song WriterN/A
SongNote Muqabla
Music byDesi Crew
LyricsNarinder Batth
Female ModelSara Gurpal
VideoHarry Singh / Preet Singh

Note Muqabla is a new Punjabi song which lyrical video has been published while official video will be available soon on Speed Records. This song is sung by Goldy Desi Crew and Gurlej Akhtar and lyrics have written by Narinder Batth. Sara Gurpal playing a lead model role in this song. This Note Muqabla song can be downloaded through many websites as link given below:-

Note Muqabla Gurlej Akhtar Song Lyrics

Ve sompune di PHD
Kyun kari phire tu jija
Ho navi currency naal passbook
Bhari phire tu jija
Bachda firdae saali ton
Maarke boli na langh jaave
Ve jija tere note’aan nu
Bank vich ulli na lag jaave

Ho tere pure mahajan
Main khid velli banda
(Accha ji!)
Oh Batthan wala Batth sunida
Annakh pugauna dhandha
(lai lai lai!)
Kadd baahr Ambani nu
Hune main mudeya ke raaj aa laake
(Aaja aaja)………………

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