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Naach Ke Pagal Dhinchak Pooja Song -

Naach Ke Pagal Dhinchak Pooja Song
Album / FilmN/A
Music LabelN/A
Release DateN/A
SingerDhinchak Pooja
Song WriterN/A
TitleNaach Ke Pagal
LyricsDhinchak Pooja
Directed byDhinchak Pooja

Naach Ke Pagal is a new song by Dhinchak Pooja which has been viral on Youtube. As per find information, song also coming in Trending videos. This song was published on Youtube on 25 July 2019 which has crossed more than 2 Million views.

Naach Ke Pagal Dhinchak Pooja Song 2019 Lyrics in Hindi

नाच के पागल, पागल होके नाचो और नाच के पागल हो जाओ। जहां भी मिले खटिया तुम चादर तान के सो जाओ। अरे नाच के पागल.

Naach Ke Pagal Dhinchak Pooja Song 2019 Lyrics in English

naach ke paagal,

paagal hoke naacho aur naach ke paagal ho jao,

jahaan bhee mile khatiya tum chaadar taan ke so jao,

are naach ke paagal……

About Dhinchak Pooja

Dhinchak Pooja is a famous Indian Youtuber who have more than 500K subscribers on Youtube. Apart from this, she were also a part of Bigg Boss Tv show. Pooja best known to sung songs in their unique style. There are a many songs by her which are rocking on Youtube such as “Dillon Ka Shooter”, “Selfie Mane Le Li Aaj”, “Sawag Wali Topi” and many more.

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