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Malaayian - Gagan Kokri Song

Malaayian is a Gagan Kokri Song which is directed by Ruby Sandhu and produced by Happy Joshi. In this great movie, music is composed by Kuwar Virk. The Release date of this movie is 5 October 2016.

Album / FilmN/A
Music Label Boombox Music
Release Date5 October 2016
Song WriterJaggi Jagowal
Music byKuwar Virk
Produced byHappy Joshi
Directed byRuby Sandhu
Length4:10 Minutes

Malaayian is a famous Punjabi song sung by Gagan Kokri in 2016. The song sung by singer Gagan Kokri and music given by Kuwar Virk while lyrics panned by Jaggi Jagowal. The song produced by Happy Joshi and directed by Ruby Sandhu. happy Joshi played a role as Happy Joshi and song photography done by Dreambos.

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