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Maai Haryanvi Song 2019 -

Maai Haryanvi Song 2019
Album / FilmN/A
Music LabelN/A
Release DateN/A
SingerKhasa Aala Chahar
Song WriterN/A
CastRaj Saini, Saroj Jangra & Joginder Kundu
LyricsKhasa Aala Chahar
Music byBamboo Beats
Directed byAman Sethi & Krishan Jangra
DOPManish Sharma
Edit & DIAman Sethi

Maai is a new Haryanvi song as named “Maai” which official video has been published on Youtube. This song is sung by Khasa Aala Chahar who also panned lyrics of this song. Raj Saini, Saroj Jangra & Joginder Kundu are starring in this song. Bamboo Beats given music of this song and Aman Sethi & Krishan Jangra directed this song.

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