List of Best Unexplored Secret Places in India

Last updated on : October 7, 2018
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This List contains the 11 Best Unexplored Secret Places in India.

India is a beautiful country known for its culture, also known as “Land of Mysteries Places”. Here we are going to talk about some such as places which are known as Mysterious places in India. Mostly people don’t know about such destinations. Some things of these places that cause them to be called mysterious. In the further article a list has been specified to describe some unexplored Secret Places of India.

List of Best Unexplored Secret Places in India (11 Items)

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    This place is popularly known as Twin Town which is located in Malappuram, Kodinhi, Kerala. It is also called the village of twins. There are about 2 more
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    Talakad is a historical place which contains many interesting things. It is located on the bank of Kaveri at Chamrajnagar district, 133 KM away from more
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    India is a country of temples and every temple has a different point of view. There are some temples in India that shocked you. One such temple is more
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    Levitating Stone is an Unrequited secret where you can see a strange thing. There is a Mazar in Shivpur, Maharashtra where 11 people pick up a 90 Kg more
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    Karni Mata Temple also known as The ‘Holy’ Rat Infested temple which is surrounded by secrets. As per source, there are more than 25000 mice in more
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    Well there are many temples in India but Shani Shinganapur is one of the main temples of India. This temple is located in a small village Sonai, more
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    The Bara Imambara is known only for its maze where there are many terrible paths that are connected to each other. There are about 1000 ways in which more
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    The Magnetic Hill is a mysterious place, located at Leh, Ladakh. The Interesting thing about this hill is that it has magnetic power which pulls more
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    Roopkund lake also known as lake of Skeletons which is situated over 5000 meters height at Chamoli Uttarakhand. Roopkund is the most mysterious lake more
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    You may have heard about Kerala red rain if no then we tell you about the Kerala Red rain which is also known as blood rain. First time it was fell more
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    Have you ever heard motorcycle worshiped in a temple. Looks a bit awkward but it is true. There is a temple in Pali district of Rajasthan where more

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  1. The Tale of Twins Kodinhi Added by wikiuser
  2. The Mini Desert Talakadu Added by wikiuser
  3. The Hanging Pillar Lepakshi Added by wikiuser
  4. 90 Kg Levitating Stone Shivapur Added by wikiuser
  5. Karni Mata Temple Added by wikiuser
  6. Door-Deprived Village at Shinganapur Added by wikiuser
  7. Bara Imambara Maze Added by wikiuser
  8. The Magnetic Hill of Leh Added by wikiuser
  9. Roopkund - The Lake of Skeletons Added by wikiuser
  10. Red Rain in Kerala Added by wikiuser
  11. Bullet Baba - Om Banna Mandir Added by wikiuser

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