List of Top voice over and dubbed artist in India

Last Updated on: April 22, 2019
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This List contains the 14 Top voice over and dubbed artist in India.

This list contains some famous voice-over artist in India. this list includes all Hindi, Gujarati, and English dubbed and voice-over artist.

List of Top voice over and dubbed artist in India

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    "Sonal Kaushal is the official Hindi voice of famous cartoon characters Chhota Bheem and Doraemon these two cartoons are very famous among children. audience love to hear their voice because they can't believe when they hear her of the first time. she did many other cartoon characters as well like Bahubali animated series etc" Paras Gour

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    "Shakti Singh is an Indian television actor worked on both television and drama.he usually dubbed English movies into Hindi. he dubbed for many famous movies like James Bond, Nick Fury, Wolverine and many more. he is dubbing for every James Bond movie since starting James bond character may change but the hindi voice never changes till now. people are very familiar with his voice and they love his work ass well." Paras Gour

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    "Mona Ghosh Shetty is an indian voice of artist dubbed for many south and Hindi movies. she dubbed for Katrina Kaif, Amy Jackson, and Deepika Padukone, etc she dubbed for almost every south Indian actresses in Hindi. she recently enters in Hollywood movies where she dubbed for Gamora a marvel character. " Paras Gour

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    "Shammi Narang is a very senior voice-over artist work in many languages. many people may don't know but he is also the official voice of Delhi Kolkata and Lucknow metro Hindi voice.manly his voice used as the narrator's voice where he tells the story of movies sort films and videos and documentaries etc" Paras Gour

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    "Chetan Shashital is known as the god of all voices he can bring any kind of voice example all Indian actors, animals, robot, etc. he is professional in his work. he dubbed for Amrish Puri who has a very bass full voice not easy to mimic but somehow he did that too in many movies. he also dubbed for much commercial television, movies, etc " Paras Gour

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    "Atul Kapoor is an Indian voice-over artist worked in many famous reality shows like Bigg boss, DID, and many commercials as well. Atul Kapoor is the official voice of Bigg Boss for all session till now. the audience loves his voice very much. he also worked in many Hollywood movies like marvels series where he gives his sound as tony stark/iron man computer and later converted into the vision sound which is a marvel superhero as well. " Paras Gour

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    "Rajesh Khattar is an Indian television actor and voice-over artist as well. he dubbed almost 400 plus movies including south movies, Hollywood movies, and Marathi movies as well. some of his famous voiceovers are captain jack sparrow from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and iron men/tony stark in Avengers and iron man marvel series. his voice so effective that Marvel fans can't even imagine any other voice on these characters faces." Paras Gour

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