List of Top Tik Tok Famous Female Stars in the World 2019

Updated: November 26, 2019 By: Wikilistia Staff

Tik Tok currently has over 500 million users, many of which are strong female influencers. Tik Tok`s unique platform has grown in popularity since merging with musical.

Top Tik Tok Famous Female Stars in the World 2019 List
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    1. 1. Garima Chaurasia

      Garima Chaurasia

      Garima Chaurasia aka bohot hard girl on Tik TOK Garia Chaurasia has 13.6 followers on Tik Tok. Garima along with her friend rugeesvini create a video on Emiway Bantais Machayenge songs.

      Garima Chaurasia:

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    2. 2. Nagma Mirajkar

      Nagma Mirajkar

      Nagma Mirajkar is a fashionista and she keep dance, lips syncs, comedies and more. Nagma has more than that of 8.9 Million Followers

      Nagma Mirajkar:

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    3. 3. Jannat Zubai Rahmani

      Jannat Zubai Rahmani

      Jannat Zubair is an Indian TV actress besides being an actress. Jannat Zubair has more than 19 milion followers. She is also having a huge amount of followers on Instagram too and she also featured in some of the music video too.

      Jannat Zubai Rahmani:

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    4. 4. Rebeca Zamolo

      Rebeca Zamolo

      Rebeca Zamolo is a hit sensation on Tik Tok and she has more than 11.2 million followers . Rebecca maintains a large presence on Tik Tok, You Tube and Instagram.

      Rebeca Zamolo:

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    5. 5. Mackenzie Ziegler

      Mackenzie Ziegler

      Mackenzie is a beautiful teenage girl whos gained her fame throught the reality TV show Dance Moms and has become increasigly popular on various social media platforms -Tik Tok included. Mackezie now has more than 12.3 million followers and her Tik Tok video are often very funny, featuring music videos.

      Mackenzie Ziegler:

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    6. 6. Annie LeBlanc

      Annie LeBlanc

      Annie LeBlanc has become one of the most followed tik tok star heaving more than 13.7 million followers. Annie`s Tik Tok bio say it all Gymnast, Youtube, Muser, Friend.

      Annie LeBlanc:

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    7. 7. Savannah Soutas

      Savannah Soutas

      Savannah Soutas is a 26 year ols mom who gained her fame through her adorable lip-syncing videos posted on Tik Tok with her daughter. She posts heartwarming video that will leave you wanting more of her adorable family. Savannah Soutas is among the most highly followed females on Tik Tok having 14 million followers

      Savannah Soutas:

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    8. 8. Liza Koshy

      Liza Koshy

      Liza Koshy is 23 year old is an accomplished actress, comedian on Tik Tok having more than 14.1 million followers. Liza continues to put smiles on the faces her many followers with her comedic videos. Liza highly followed Tik Tok page contains a bio that links her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

      Liza Koshy:

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    9. 9. Lauren Godwin

      Lauren Godwin

      Lauren Godwin is an American influencer best known for her dorky Tik Tok videos. Lauren Godwin has more than 14.2 million followers. She posts a variety of videos ranging from funny to sassy to sweet. Lauren is currently rocking blue hair.

      Lauren Godwin:

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    10. 10. JOjo Siwa

      JOjo Siwa

      Jojo Siwa is dancer, singher and actress and she is best know from her appearance on the infamous reality show \"Dance Moms\". Jojo Siwa is now best know for her vlogs on YouTube and music. Jojo Siwa has 17.4 million followers and her video are best described as silly.

      JOjo Siwa:

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    11. 11. Kristen


      Kristen Hancher is a teenage beauty and fashion influencer with a large followers on YouTube ,Instagram and Tik Tok. Kristen Hancher gained her fame and have 22.9 million followers. Kristen posted singing and dancing videos and her voice and dance moves have won over Tik Tok users worldwide.


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    12. 12. Baby Ariel

      Baby Ariel

      Baby Ariel is a singer and social media influencer who gain her fame on Tik Tok. Baby Ariel has more than 29.7 million followers on tik tok app. The video of Baby Ariel are both creative and comical making her a hit sensation and irresistible to users.

      Baby Ariel:

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    13. 13. Loren Gray

      Loren Gray

      Loren Gray is a singer, songwriter and youTuber who has a larger following on Tik Tok. Loren Gray has more than 31.7 million followers, she is among the most popular influencer in the Tik Tok community.

      Loren Gray:

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