List of Top Female & Male Ethical Hackers from India

Updated: October 17, 2018 By: Wikilistia Staff

A person who hacks into a computer network in order to security purpose called as ethical hacker. Moreover, sometimes they also hacks in order to test or evaluate its security instead malicious or criminal.

In the further article, we are going to create a list about India’s top hackers who known as famous Ethical Hackers. So, get ready to meet with India’s top female & male Ethical Hackers.

Top Female & Male Ethical Hackers from India List
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    1. 1. Ankit Fadia

      Ankit Fadia

      First of all we will talk about Ankit Fadia who popularly known as Indian Author, television host, speaker and self-proclaimed "ethical hacker" as shown his Wikipedia profile. Ankit was born in Coimbatore India on May 1985 and first time appear in a television show named MTV India - What The Hack in 2008. He is specialized OS and Networking based tips and tricks.

      Ankit Fadia: Indian Ethical Hacker

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    2. 2. Rahul Tyagi

      Rahul Tyagi

      Rahul Tyagi known as India's one of the renowned ethical hacker who is post graduate in computer science. He is also known as actor and author who written two books on hacking Hacking Crux 1 and 2. Moreover, he is also known as "Blackberry Hall of Fame" due to their contributions to the organization.

      Rahul Tyagi: Indian Ethical Hacker

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    3. 3. Sunny Vaghela

      Sunny Vaghela

      Sunny Vaghela is known as ethical hacker from India who is great pioneer in the IT field and cyber crime constant. Sunny also known as CEO of the Tech Defence Pvt.Ltd, located in Pitampura Delhi. He gained popularity in 18 year age when he found loopholes in Call forging and SMS in mobile network.

      Sunny Vaghela: Indian Ethical Hacker

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    4. 4. Falgun Rathod

      Falgun Rathod

      Falgun Rathod is a 24 Year old ethical hacker who currently engaged with his project on social engineering. As per several sources, earlier he was involved in a cracking number of cyber crimes. Falgun has submitted number of research papers in various conferences.

      Falgun Rathod: Indian Ethical Hacker

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    5. 5. Jayant Krishnamurthy

      Jayant Krishnamurthy

      Jayant Krishnamurthy commonly known as research scientist who done Ph.D in computer science. People also know him as computer theorist and researcher at He have a great experience about ethnic hacking.

      Jayant Krishnamurthy: Indian Computer Theorist-Researcher

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    6. 6. Deepali Malekar

      Deepali Malekar

      Deepali Malekar is a youngest security researcher and students who worked as Senior Penetration Tester at Deep AppSec Pvt. Ltd. She complete her education from Smt. Mathubai Garware Kanya Mahavidyalaya and want to being best in security world.

      Deepali Malekar: Indian Ethical Hacker

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    7. 7. Neha Agrawal

      Neha Agrawal

      Neha Agrawal is an Indian cyber security specialist who have 3.8 years Developing experience in the security domain. Moreover, she has well experience about multiple domains like Web application security assessment, Source code review- Java, C#, PHP Network Vulnerability assessments, Thick Client Vulnerability assessments and Restful API/Web_Services security assessments.

      Neha Agrawal: Indian Cyber Security Specialist

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    8. 8. Arzoo Gupta

      Arzoo Gupta

      Arzoo Gupta is an experienced Security Specialist with a demonstrated history, working in the information technology and services industry. As per find information from their profile she is Seeking opportunity in IT based industries Technical Security Specialist at IBM. Arzoo skilled in many industry services like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Putty, English, Analytical Skills, and C.

      Arzoo Gupta: Indian Cyber Security Specialist

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    9. 9. Pranav Mistry

      Pranav Mistry

      Pranav Mistry popularly known as scientist, inventor, head of Think Tank Team and Global Senior Vice President of Research at Samsung. Pranav best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond. Moreover he also known for Mouseless, SPARSH, TeleTouch and head of team of Samsung Galaxy GEAR.

      Pranav Mistry: Indian Computer Scientist

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    10. 10. Trishneet Arora

      Trishneet Arora

      Trishneet Arora is a successful businessman and one of the youngest ethical hackers of india who was born on 2 November 1993 at Ludhiana, Punjab. He is the CEO and founder of TAC Security, an IT security company. He is specialized in cyber security, ethical hacking and web defense. He got success at the age of 19 when he established his cyber security company in 2012, He has also written books on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defense. He worked with very designated entities like Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, Punjab Police and Gujarat Police. Trishneet Arora earned so much fame and his fame converted into his wealth that is the reason that people also call him one of the richest person from Punjab.

      Trishneet Arora: Indian Entrepreneur

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