Top Earning Websites List

Here i am going to create a list of Top Earning Websites. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Top Earning Websites List

1. LinkedIn


$215,200,000 & $7 per second LinkedIn (LNKD) profits principally from giving the corporate recruiting departments of huge organizations with access to job candidates through its LinkedIn Recruiter product. The organization additionally creates income from show advertisement deals and offers of its premium membership products to individuals.

LinkedIn: American Corporation

2. ClickBank


$350,000,000 & $11 per second Clickbank allows proprietors to sell an assortment of digital products, thereby earning commissions, for example, PC programming and digital books. Just as providing a marketplace, Clickbank is likewise a payment processor. Clickbank bridges the gap between item proprietors and affiliates; both need each other to profit.

ClickBank: Affiliate Marketing Company

3. Yandex


$439,700,000 & $14 per second Yandex make benefit from running services both for people and organizations for accepting and making payments. Its B2C-centered item is Yandex. Money e-wallet and bank card, and B2B-oriented service are Yandex. Checkout payment service provider.

Yandex: Internet Services Company

4. Orbitz


$757,500,000 & $24 per second they make money by charging fees on certain flights. In addition, they acquire commissions on inns, vehicles, and so forth. There is likewise ad income. At that point, there are cancellation and change fees (over the aircraft’s charges)

Orbitz: Travel Fare Aggregator Website

5. Groupon


$760,000,000 & $24 per second Groupon makes cash by charging a marketing fee advertising and promoting their offers. Much of the time, that expense is a percentage of the income produced by selling on Groupon. Groupon’s trader satisfaction rating is about 79%—15 focuses higher than the normal B2B vendor satisfaction score.

Groupon: Online Marketplace Company

6. Taobao


$774,210,000 & $25 per second Taobao, which doesn’t charge transaction fees, profits chiefly through advertising purchased by merchants who utilize the site. That can create a ton of income on the grounds that there are around 7 million merchants, for the most part, small businesses, utilizing Taobao.

Taobao: Online Shopping Website

7. Zynga


$850,000,000 & $27 per second Zynga fundamentally profits from micro-transactions. Players purchase in-game cash or in-game things. Another sort of adaptation is memberships for participation in “VIP” clubs. Zynga likewise profits from showing ads, however, that records just for ~10% of by and large income.

Zynga: Game Developer

8. Skype


$860,000,000 & $27 per second Skype profits fundamentally through Skype credits or month to month memberships. These credits permit Skype clients to make calls to landlines, to send instant messages anyplace on the planet, or buy a Skype number with the goal that clients can get calls from anyplace on the planet on their Skype account.

Skype: Computer Application

9. Overstock


$1,100,000,000 & $35 per second the organization at first sold only surplus and returned stock on an online web-based business commercial marketplace, liquidating the inventories of at least 18 failed dot-com companies at underneath discount prices. The organization keeps on selling home decor, furniture, bedding, and numerous different products that are closeout merchandise; nonetheless, it likewise sells a new product.

Overstock: Internet Retailer Company

10. Baidu


$1,199,000,000 & $38 per second Baidu profits through advertising and content subscription services (like Netflix). The organization likewise has other developing avenues of revenue generation, for example, cloud and self-sufficient driving.

Baidu: Internet Company

11. Facebook


$2,000,000,000 & $63 per second despite having more than two billion clients on its foundation, Facebook doesn’t really make any cash on the content or legitimately through its client base. With everything taken into account, the organization earns about 85% of its cash from advertising.

Facebook: Social Media Company

12. NetFlix


$2,160,000,000 & $68 per second Netflix’s principal source of income is memberships, which cost somewhere in the range of $7.99 and $13.99 every month. This aggregates to about $950 million every month, as per the organization’s income report. It likewise earns about $30 million every month through DVD rentals.

NetFlix: Production Company

13. AOL


$2,417,000,000 & $77 per second AOL profits from advertising in three different ways: show advertisements, which represented $130.5 million; advertisements on search, which took in $116.4 million; and, in particular, advertisement income from outsider properties, which represented the greatest cut by a long shot: $231.6 million

AOL: Online Service Provider Company

14. Priceline


$3,072,240,000 & $97 per second the bulk of Priceline’s global incomes are from, a hotel reservation site. Rather, they profit from travel commissions, client preparing expenses, and Global Distribution System reservation booking charges.

Priceline: Travel Agency Company

15. Expedia


$3,348,000,000 & $106 per second Expedia profits through booking accommodations in bulk at a modest cost and afterwards offering them to their clients with a slight markup. Expedia makes a benefit off of the expanded margin, and furthermore sporadically makes commission expenses from lodgings expanding their presentation through the Expedia site.

Expedia: Technology Company

16. Alibaba


$5,557,600,000 & $176 per second much the same as other web-based business foundation of Alibaba, Aliexpress makes cash by charging commissions as a level of the exchange estimation of products sold. The commission run from 5% to 8% of the transaction value. Be that as it may, Aliexpress likewise charges a fixed $1500 + store expense to begin or change the store on the platform.

Alibaba: Multinational Conglomerate Company

17. Yahoo!


$6,324,000,000 & $200 per second Yahoo make $768 million in income on a year consistently, and the greater part of its income originates from advertising. Advertisers pay Yahoo to carry advertisements to its crowd. Sponsors will either pay for Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Mille (CPM) campaigns.

Yahoo!: Web Services Company

18. eBay


$9,156,000,000 & $290 per second over 33% of eBay’s income originates from charges created by PayPal. In the second from last quarter of a year ago, eBay detailed $3.9 billion in income. $1.6 billion, or 41%, of that, originated from PayPal. The cash that eBay makes through PayPal comes through exchange charges from dealers and individuals who use it to transfer cash.

eBay: E-commerce Company

19. Google


$29,321,000,000 & $929 per second the primary way Google produces its income is through a couple of advertising services called Ads and AdSense. With Ads, publicists submit advertisements to Google that incorporate a list of keywords identifying with an item, service or business.

Google: Technology Company

20. Amazon


$34,204,000,000 & $1,084 per second Amazon makes the greater part of its income from product sales. Items have significant costs, so margins Amazon makes on them are slim. Their operating income is controlled by services like AWS, Amazon Prime and dealer services.

Amazon: E-commerce Company



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