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List of the Greatest Indian Kings

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Here i am going to create a list of the Greatest Indian Kings. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

20 the Greatest Indian Kings (2020 Updated List)

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    Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the great ruler of Sikh empire, in Punjab region. He was well known for his posession of the famous Kohinoor diamond. But, his successors gave it to the British Crown.


    Maharana Pratap was the 13th Rajput King of Mewar of Rajathan. He is considered a hero for the valiant battles he fought aginst the Moghul emperor, Akbar the Great. He was also called the Lion of Mewar.


    Prithviraj Chauhan was the greatest warrior king of chahamana dynasty of western India. He was well known for the wars he waged in resistance against the invasion of Muhammad Ghori, the ruler of Ghurid Dynaty. He was captured and made blind by the enemies.


    Also called, Kanishka, the great, he was one of the prominent kings of Kushan Dynasty . He was well known for his outstanding military, political and spiritual achievements. In his later days he accepted Buddhism as his religion and declared Buddhism as the state religion.


    Porus was an Indian king of Punjab region, who is well known for his battle against Alexander, the great. Although defeated in the war, he gains the respect of Alexander, and he made him one of his Satraps.


    Tipu Sultan, also known as the tiger of mysore was the great ruler of Mysore Kingdom of South India. He was well known for his various wars against the colonial invaders, including British. He defended south India from British for a long time.


    Aurangzeb was the sixth Moghal emperor, who ruled almost entire Indian sub-continent for 49 years.He was a very harsh ruler. Even though considered a great ruler, some of his policies were very hostile to followers of Hindu religion.


    Akbar was the third Moghal emperor, after his father, Humayun. He wa called as, Akbar the great by historians for his great social and religeous reforms.He had courts at Delhi, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. He was a great patron of art, music, literature, philosophers and engineers. He built a lot of buildings in mughal architectural style. He married a Hindu Queen to portray his secularism. He is the one who prohibited enslaving prisoners of war and selling their wives and children in open bazaar.


    Rajendra chola was the son of great king Raja Raja Chola of souther Indian Chola Dynasty. He Extended his rule till The Banks of Ganges in northern India, and called himself as “Gangaikondacholan” meaning, the victor of Ganges. During his reign he conquered the area of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


    Raja Raja Chola was the most powerful ruler of Chola Dynasty of Tamil Nadu. He built the the most famous Peruvudaiyar koyil, commonly known as the Tanjavur Temple. After his conquest of southern kingdoms of Cheras, Pandyas and Ceylon, he was called as “Mummudi Cholan”.


    Narasimhaverman I was the greatest ruler of Pallava Dynasty of southern India. He avenged his fathers defeat at the hands of Pulikesin II and killed him in a battle. He was a great wrestler and was called as “mamallan”and “Mamallapuram, present day Mahabalipuram was named after him.


    Harshavardhana was the famous ruler from mighty northern, Vardhana dynasty or Pushyabhuti dynasty. He was well known for peace, stability and prosperity. He was a great patron of art and culture. He covered most of the northern and central India, during his reign, until got defeated by south Indian king Pulikein II.


    Pulikesin II was an important and powerful ruler of Chalukya Dynasty. He expanded chalukya dynasty all over Deccan peninsula by defeating kadamba of banavasi, the gangas and alupas. And also the mighty Northern king Harsha vardhana.


    Ajatashatru was the son of Bimbisara, the founder of Magadha empire of Hryanka Dynasty. His conquering of Lacchavi dynasty of vaishali is an important part of Indian history. He was a deep devotee of Budha. He built the city of Pataliputra.


    Krishna Devaraya was the most famous and most feared king of Vijayanagara empire. He was a perfect and great ruler, with a flair for justice. He built a lot of temples , gopurams and tanks throughout his empire. He was also called as abhinava bhoja.


    Chandragupta II was the son of great Samudragupta of Gupta Empire. He was also called as Vikramaditya, for his valour and bravery. He strengthened his power by matrimonial alliance. He married a princess from Naga rulers and married off his daughter to a Vakatak ruler, thereby gaining power from those regions to expand hi dynasty.


    Samudragupta was the second ruler of Gupta dynasty from Golden age of India. He was called as the Napolean of India for his wast number of victories against many king. He was also called as the “Hero of 100 battles”. He was a great warrior and a patron of arts.


    Chandragupta maurya overthrown the mighty Nanda dynasty in Deccan region and established Mauryan Empire, with the help of his famous counselor Chanakya. At the end of his life he left all his worldly pleasures and became a Jain Monk.


    Ashoka was the third ruler in the great Mauryan Empire. He was a budhist king. The great Kalinga war was fought in his leadership, after which he stopped fighting and became a good and kind ruler. During Asoka’s rule, the whole Indian sub-continent became under one king, for the first time.


    Chatrapathi Shivaji was the greatest Maratha king. He was called as the “mountain rat” for his guerrilla warfare techniques like ambushing and surprise attacks. The Maratha war of independence was fought between Marathas and mughals in the leadership of Shivaji.