List of RO Water Purifiers Spare Parts and Accessories

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Water Purifiers basically used for purification of water. For the purification of water, RO water purifier used several purification technologies that are RO technology, UV and UF technology and several stages of water filtration processes.

There are the list of spare parts that are used in RO system and performing several technology. The list include several parts like RO membrane, Inline sediment filter, Inline carbon filter, Pressure Pump, SMPS or Adapter, Post carbon filter, Float Valve etc. Particular technology used the particular part for performing process. There are the following filtration process like sediment filtration process is based on the pre-sediment filter, inline sediment filter and inline carbon filter. Same as the RO filtration process based on the performance of RO membrane. UV filtration process used ultra violet lamp for purification of water and Ultra filtration process depend on the UF filter. So, by using the spares RO performing their task. You can see the spare parts in this list of RO Water Purifiers Spare Parts and Accessories.

RO Water Purifiers Spare Parts and Accessories List
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    1. 1. RO Membrane

      RO Membrane

      RO Membrane is the main part of RO system that is use to control the TDS of water. The RO membrane need pressurize water for performing filtration process. The pressurize water passes through the membrane of pore size 0.0001 micron. The membrane remove the TDS level up to 90 percent of raw water. The basic function of membrane is to manage the TDS (Total dissolve salts) level. Ideally Membrane left only 10 percent of raw water TDS.

      RO Membrane:

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    2. 2. Pump


      RO water purifier working depends on the Pump. If pump is working, water purifier is working. Pump is an electrical part that is used for pressurize water for the membrane. The working depends on the pump specification. If it is of 100 GDP then its output is 100 gallon water per day. It need 24 volt for running.


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    3. 3. Solenoid Valve

      Solenoid Valve

      Solenoid valve is used for controlling the water flow after switching off the water purifier. Solenoid valve is an electrical device that can operate on 24 volt direct current. Solenoid valve working on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the electric supply is ON then the valve is active or we can say that SV allow water to flow forward and if supply is off then SV don't allow water to flow forward.

      Solenoid Valve:

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    4. 4. Float Valve/Float Sensor

      Float Valve/Float Sensor

      Float valve is an electrical part of RO system. It is used inside the water tank. It is operated on 24 volt direct current. Float valve basically used inside the tank, when the water touch the float liver or float sensor, then automatically cut off electric supply to the water purifier. We can say that water purifier stop working automatically. The main function of float valve to control the over flowing of water from the water purifier.

      Float Valve/Float Sensor:

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    5. 5. RO Pre-Filter

      RO Pre-Filter

      Pre filter is used for the filtration process. In this filtration process the pre filter is used out side the RO water purifier. Before the RO system , raw water have to passes through the pre-filter. Pre filter removes the physical impurities. Pre-filter is the plastic body also having shape of a filter. It contain a candle inside the plastic body that remove the Dust, Mud, Rust, Clay etc.

      RO Pre-Filter:

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    6. 6. Inline Sediment and Carbon Filter

      Inline Sediment and Carbon Filter

      Inline Sediment and Inline Carbon filter are the starting step of water filtration process of water purifier. The sediment and carbon filter fixed inside the RO system. The pre-sediment filtered water passes through the sediment and carbon filter. Sediment filter is used to remove fine mud, clay, and dust particle from the water. After that water passes through the carbon filter that remove the smell and gases from the water. Carbon filter makes the better taste of water

      Inline Sediment and Carbon Filter:

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    7. 7. SMPS/Adapter


      Adapter is used in water purifier for the power supply. The output of the adapter is 2.5 ampere, 24 volt. The water purifier required 24 volt DC for working. So the adapter is used to maintain supply voltage and current of water purifier. Adapter is designed PCB covered by plastic case. It have one input and one output. We received 24 volt and 2.5 A current from the output.


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    8. 8. UV Lamp and UV Kit

      UV Lamp and UV Kit

      UV lamp and UV housing or kit used in RO water purifiers as well as UV water purifiers without RO technology. UV lamp is used for the producing ultra violet rays which deactivated the genetic code of bacteria and virus and stop the further growth. UV lamp fitted inside the UV kit, UV kit is the casing of UV lamp and water passes through the UV kit for the process of ultra violet filtration process.

      UV Lamp and UV Kit:

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    9. 9. Tank of Water Purifiers

      Tank of Water Purifiers

      Tank is used in the water purifiers for water storage. There are many types of tanks available in the market. These all are made by food grade plastic. Water purifier used a another types of tank called Hydro static tank. The hydro static tank is filled by pressure air and a balloon containing water also inside the tank. by the pressure of air the water comes out with pressure. We can receive water with pressure at the destination. It mostly used in under sink modal type of water purifiers.

      Tank of Water Purifiers:

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    10. 10. Tap, Elbo, Tee and Pipe

      Tap, Elbo, Tee and Pipe

      Tap is used in water purifier to get out the pure water for use. Tap is a mechanical type accessory. Faucet also used for the same purpose. Faucet is metal tap mostly used in under the sink modals of water purifiers. Elbo, Tee and pipe are the basic accessory used in water purifier. Elbo used for giving bend in the pipe inside the purifiers or we can say that used for pipe arrangement and Tee used for multiple out from single input inside the water purifiers.

      Tap, Elbo, Tee and Pipe:

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