Richest Kids in Nigeria

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People who want to know about Richest Kids from Nigeria, they need to stuck on this article till the end. Here we have a created a list about some famous Kids from Nigeria who earned a lot of money in a small age. A list has given below about such kids in Nigeria who earned a good reputation due to their profession. As well as, you can also check here their net worth, profession and other personal information. So, let’s know about richest Kids from Nigeria.

Richest Kids in Nigeria [List]
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    1. 1. Marylove Edwards

      Marylove Edwards

      Marylove Edwards is a 11 year old Nigerian Tennis player who was born on 18 March 2005 in a middle class family and started playing tennis at 4 year old age. Mohammed Ubale trained Marylove Edwards who emerges Africa's No. 3 in Under-12 competition. In her playing carrier, she won many trophy and medals.

      Marylove Edwards: Nigerian Tennis Player

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    2. 2. Ify Ufele

      Ify Ufele

      Ify Ufele is a 13 year old youngest fashion designer from Nigeria who was born on 2005 and started designing and making clothes at age of 7. At a very young age she was diagnosed with a critical asthmatic health condition. But now she known as a richest child in Nigeria who earned a lot of money.

      Ify Ufele:

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    3. 3. DJ Young Money

      DJ Young Money

      DJ Young Money is a Youngest DJ from Nigeria who was born on 2007 and stared mixing with very small age. He involved in many mixes and public events and also covers many types of events such as high fly comedy shows and stage performance. DJ Young Money is a richest kid whose net worth is more than $110 million.

      DJ Young Money: Nigerian DJ

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    4. 4. Ozzy bosco

      Ozzy bosco

      Ozzybosco is a 11 Years old high paid musician in Nigeria. His name is listed in the list of Top Richest Nigerian Kids. Ozzybosco was born on 7 January 2007 in Nigeria and stared singing with a very small age. As per find information, Ozzy Bosco is one of the richest Kid artist whose estimated net worth is more than $150,000.

      Ozzy bosco: Nigerian Musician

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    5. 5. Amarachi Uyanne

      Amarachi Uyanne

      Amarachi Uyanne is one of the most popular child dance from Nigeria who started dancing at 5 Years age. She was born on 17 July 2004 and make dance her profession. She best known as winner of "Nigeria’s got Talent". Amarachi Uyanne is one of the richest and most influential kid dancer with an estimated worth is $100,000.

      Amarachi Uyanne: Nigerian Child Dancer

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    6. 6. Mompha Junior

      Mompha Junior

      Mompha Junior is son of Ismaila Mustapha who is Nigerian business Magnate and friend of Nigerian big boy Hushpuppi. His father is a successful businessman known as Mompha Bureau De. Mompha is a richest Nigerian Kid whose net worth is more than 4,000 million USD.

      Mompha Junior: Nigerian Business Magnate

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    7. 7. Destiny Boy

      Destiny Boy

      Destiny Boy is famous Kid singer sung many hit songs. He was born on September 20th 1992 and started singing with a very small age. Since then, he started meeting with top Stars in music industry of Nigeria and become richest Kid with an estimated worth of $18,000.

      Destiny Boy: Nigerian Singer

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    8. 8. Segun Wire

      Segun Wire

      Segun Wire is a youngest richest Kid from Nigeria. He He became so popular after a video of him, stating that he want to be a Yahoo boy. He is also listed in the list of High Paid Kids with an estimated worth is 25,000.

      Segun Wire: Nigerian Child Actor

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    9. 9. Emmanuella


      Emmanuella is a Nigerian Kid Comedian who was born on 22nd July, 2010 in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria. She is a versatile child artist who currently listed in the list of High Paid kids. She become very famous after debuted in the comedy skirt, "This is Not My Real Face Oh".

      Emmanuella: Nigerian Kid Comedian

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