List of Richest Indian in USA

There are many Indian people living in USA who are known as Richest businessman from America. Here, you will meet with top Indian businessman from USA who are listed in the list of richest native Indians from United State America.

So, people who are interested to know about such persons who belongs from USA, they need to suck on this article till the end. A list has been specified below about popular businessman from India who also famed as “Richest Indian Billionaire”.

Here you can also check all kind information about them like their net worth, business, Occupation, early life, etc. So, get ready to meet with Richest Indian Americans.

Richest Indian in USA List

1. Rakesh Gangwal

Rakesh Gangwal

Rakesh Gangwal is popularly known as former CEO and Chairman of US Airways Group during 2003 to 2007. He was also the chairman, president and chief executive officer of Worldspan technologies. He was born on in Kolkata while his nationality is American. As per find information, Rakesh Gangwal is listed in the list of Top 10 Richest Indian in USA. According Wikipedia his net worth is more than 290 crores USD.

Rakesh Gangwal: Indian-American Executive

2. Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla

Vinod Khosla commonly known as American businessman and engineer who is also known as an alumnus of Mount St Mary’s School. According to Forbes, Vinod listed in “Top 10 Indian-American billionaire from India whose net worth is 260 Crore USD. Vinod was born on 28 January 1955 in Delhi and completed his education from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Nina Khosla, Neal Khosla, Anu Khosla and Vani Khosla are their children.

Vinod Khosla: American-Indian Businessman

3. Niranjan Brian Sheth

Niranjan Brian Sheth

Niranjan Brian Sheth commonly known as youngest Indian-American investor who was born in in Acton, Massachusetts. Niranjan popularly known as co-founder and President of Vista Equity Partners who is also listed in most successful businessman from America. According to Forbes Magazine, his net worth is more than US$2 billion. In 2003, he got married with Adria Sheth who have 2 children.

Niranjan Brian Sheth: Indian-American Investor

4. John Nath Kapoor

John Nath Kapoor

John Nath Kapoor also known as richest Indian-American billionaire who was born in 1942 Amritsar, India while currently living in Phoenix, Arizona, US. He popularly known as Founde of Akorn Pharmaceuticals and chairman at Insys Therapeutics. According to Wikipedia, his net worth is more than $1.9 billion. She got married with Editha Kapoor who have 4 children.

John Nath Kapoor: Indian-American Entrepreneur

5. Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah is an Indian-American businessman who also known as CEO and co-founder of online retailer Wayfair. He is second youngest Indian-American billionaire who is also listed in Top 10 Richest Indian from US. According to Wikipedia, his net worth is more than $1.37 billion who completed his education from Cornell University.

Niraj Shah: Indian-American Businessman

6. Aneel Bhusri

Aneel Bhusri

Aneel Bhusri is richest businessman who belongs from New York, US. He is Co Founder and CEO of Workday Inc and also a part of the board of directors of Intel. He was born on 14 February 1966 in Pittsford and completed his education from Stanford University and Brown University. Accoring to find information, his net worth is more than $1.2 billion.

Aneel Bhusri: Indian-American Investor

7. Jayshree V. Ullal

Jayshree V. Ullal

Jayshree V. Ullal popularly known as CEO of Arista Networks who is a richest businesswoman, billionaire and President. 27 Year Old Jayshree Ullal was born in London, UK and complete her education from San Francisco State University where she done B.S. in engineering (electrical). According to source, her net worth is more than $1.42 billion.

Jayshree V. Ullal: Indian-American Businessman

8. Bharat Desai

Bharat Desai

Bharat Desai is an Indian-American businessman who was born in 1952 in Kenya while his currently residence is Fisher Island, Florida, US. He is chairman of Syntel and popularly known as richest businessman whose is net worth is more than $1.26 billion. Bharat got marry with Neerja Sethi Desai who have to children.

Bharat Desai: Indian-American Businessman

9. Ram Shriram

Ram Shriram

Ram Shriram is an Indian-American Businessman who was born in 1956 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Ram is a founding board member and one of the first investors in Google, earlier he was an officer in Ram owned 3.4 million share of Google. He completed his graduation from Loyola College, Chennai. The net worth of Ram is 2.2 billion US dollar. He is a great businessman who reached at successful stage of life.

Ram Shriram: American-Indian Businessman

10. Romesh Wadhwani

Romesh Wadhwani

Romesh Wadhwani is an Indian born American businessman who is also listed in the list of Top 10 Gujarati Billionaires. Romesh Wadhwani known for Symphony Technology Group who is chairman and CEO of STG. Moreover, he also found a private equity firm for software, Internet and technology services companies. As per source, his net worth is more than 300 crore USD.

Romesh Wadhwani: Indian-American Businessman



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