OTCNetwork Product List 2022

OTCNetwork Product List 2022

Here in this article, we are providing you with OTC Network Product List 2022. Over-the-counter (OTC) refers to the method of how securities are traded via a broker-dealer network as opposed to on a federal exchange. (Over-the-counter) OTC Network Product List 2021 trading can engage equities, liability instruments, and derivatives, which are monetary contracts that obtain their worth from a fundamental benefit such as a commodity. Over-the-counter or off-exchange trading is done between two parties, there is no regulation of an exchange. It is contrasted with exchange trading, which occurs via interactions.

However, over-the-counter trading can include equities that are considered on exchanges and stocks that are not planned. Stocks that are not scheduled on a trade, and contract via OTC, are frequently called over-the-counter equity securities, or OTC Products equities

OTC Network Product List 2022

Following is the OTC Product List of 2022 with all Product names and all categories of Products. here is the list of all 66 Products. that can help you tp find the Product name that you need.

SR.NO Name of Product Category 
1 Pain relievers Pain Relief(OTC)
2 Fever relief Pain Relief(OTC)
3 Anti-inflammatories Pain Relief(OTC)
4 Topical headache relief Pain Relief(OTC)
5 External muscle/joint pain relief Pain Relief(OTC)
6 Sleep aids and sedatives Pain Relief(OTC)
7 Stimulants Pain Relief(OTC)
8 Motion sickness Pain Relief(OTC)
9 Restless leg treatments Pain Relief(OTC)
10 Cough, cold, and flu medications Cold and allergy
11 Cold and flu preventives Cold and allergy
12 Sore throat pain relief Cold and allergy
13 Throat and cough drops Cold and allergy
14 Allergy, sinus, and combination Cold and allergy
15 Nasal sprays, drops, and inhalers Cold and allergy
16 Nasal moisturizing products Cold and allergy
17 Nasal strips and snore relief Cold and allergy
18 Medicated lip treatments Cold and allergy
19 Lip moisturizers Cold and allergy
20 Asthma preparations Cold and allergy
21 Vapor products (includes Cold and allergy
22 Vaporizers Cold and allergy
23 Respiratory treatments Cold and allergy
24 First aid kits and supplies First Aid
25 Bandages and dressings First Aid
26 First aid tapes and adhesives First Aid
27 Antiseptics First Aid
28 Burn and scar treatments First Aid
29 Skin protectants First Aid
30 Wound cleansers First Aid
31 Lice treatments and accessories First Aid
32 Antiparasitic treatments First Aid
33 Rubber gloves First Aid
34 Masks First Aid
35 Hydrocortisone products First Aid
36 Anti-itch treatments First Aid
37 Foot moisturizers foot Care
38 Foot pain relief foot Care
39 Heel and arch foot Care
40 Shoe insoles foot Care
41 Corn, callus foot Care
42 Corn and callus removers foot Care
43 Odor and wetness treatments foot Care
44 Antifungal treatments foot Care
45 Wart removers foot Care
46 Contact lens care Eye And ear care
47 Eye relief products Eye And ear care
48 Eyewash Eye And ear care
49 Eye preparations Eye And ear care
50 Eyeglass and lens accessories Eye And ear care
51 Reading glasses Eye And ear care
52 Magnifying glasses Eye And ear care
53 Ear drops and syringes Eye And ear care
54 Earplugs Eye And ear care
55 Sunglasses Eye And ear care
56 Antacids Digestive health
57 Acid controllers Digestive health
58 Fiber products Digestive health
59 Enemas Digestive health
60 Laxatives Digestive health
61 Stool softeners Digestive health
62 Products for lactose intolerance Digestive health
63 Digestive aids Digestive health
64 Prebiotics and probiotics Digestive health
65 Antigas products Digestive health
66 Hemorrhoid treatments Digestive health

Here is the List of the Products we collected from the best sources available on the internet. We hope you get all the information that you need about Over-the-counter Network Products.


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