NAREGA Job Card List 2020-21 West Bengal

NAREGA Job Card List 2020-21 West Bengal,NAREGA Job Card List

NAREGA Job Card List 2020-21 West Bengal

In this article, We are providing you NAREGA Job Card List 2020-21 West Bengal. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (MGNREGA) gives job cards to poor families among the countries which cover the details of the work to be completed by the job card owner or NREGA beneficiary. Every year, a new NREGA job card is made for each receiver which can be simply checked on the official website of MGNREGA at

You can verify the complete list of people in your village/town who will get work underneath the MGNREGA in the financial year 2020-21. Every year other people are added to the NREGA job card list and a few are removed based on the conditions. Anyone who fulfills the conditions for NREGA can submit an application for an NREGA job card.

In West Bengal Perception major state areas are:-

  • To ensure groundwater availability
  • Durable and Permanent Assets creation
  • Livelihood generation and Convergence
  • To increase soil fertility

NAREGA Job Card List 2020-21 West Bengal

In this list, you can check the Job Card No.and the holder name which will help you to get details about NAREGA  West Bengal.

S.No Job card No. Name
1 WB-15-001-001-001/001 SUDHIR MUKHERJEE
2 WB-15-001-001-001/003 DILIP CHATERJEE
3 WB-15-001-001-001/004 PADMA DAS
4 WB-15-001-001-001/006 PURNIMA BAIRAGI
5 WB-15-001-001-001/007 HARIPADA DAS
6 WB-15-001-001-001/009 HARIPADA BAIRAGI
7 WB-15-001-001-001/011 RAUF MONDAL
8 WB-15-001-001-001/012 PRADIP BOSE
9 WB-15-001-001-001/013 NIHAR MUKHERJEE
10 WB-15-001-001-001/014 KALIPADA GHOSH
11 WB-15-001-001-001/018 SUDAM DAS
12 WB-15-001-001-001/019 BANSI DAS
13 WB-15-001-001-001/020 FAKIR DAS
14 WB-15-001-001-001/026 KARTICK GHOSH
15 WB-15-001-001-001/039 RANJAN DAS
16 WB-15-001-001-001/05 SHIBDASI BAIRAGI
17 WB-15-001-001-001/100 BADAL CHANDRA GHOSH
18 WB-15-001-001-001/101 TARAK GHOSH
19 WB-15-001-001-001/102 NABAKUMAR GHOSH
20 WB-15-001-001-001/103 RABINDRANATH GHOSH

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