List of Most Peaceful International Borders

Updated: October 17, 2018 By: Wikilistia Staff

Border is the line which separated the two countries. In the world there are many borders on which high security alert due to the terrorist attack and misunderstanding of two nations. Some of the borders are very quite and have peaceful behavior between two countries.
Here is the list of most peaceful international borders, they are separated by a single line and there is not any high alerts on the border and not security forces on the border. These nations also lives peacefully.

Most Peaceful International Borders List
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    1. 1. Netherland and Belgium Border

      Netherland and Belgium Border

      The 450 km long border line separated the Netherland and Belgium Border. The relationship between these country is very peaceful. Both the nation have similar cultural activities and there is very close cooperation between both governments.

      Netherland and Belgium Border:

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    2. 2. America and Mexico Border

      America and Mexico Border

      America-Mexico Border is also comes in the category of most peaceful borders around the world. It is separated from the west and Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The total length of the border is 3145 km.

      America and Mexico Border:

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    3. 3. Myanmar-Thailand Border

      Myanmar-Thailand Border

      Myanmar and Thailand Border is very lonely and peaceful border. Both the nation have peaceful atmosphere and have the International crossing system to each other. One can go to other nation by simple formalities of border security system.

      Myanmar-Thailand Border:

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    4. 4. Haiti and Dominican Republic Border

      Haiti and Dominican Republic Border

      Haiti and Dominican Republic situated on the same Island. There is two nation on single island and have mostly similar culture and activities. But the Haitian is 10 times poorer than the Dominican Republic.

      Haiti and Dominican Republic Border:

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    5. 5. USA-Canada Border

      USA-Canada Border

      USA-Canada Border is the longest international border between two countries. It includes the portions of maritime boundaries in the Great Lakes, and on the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic coasts. The total length of the border line is about 8891 km.

      USA-Canada Border:

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    6. 6. Norway-Sweden Border

      Norway-Sweden Border

      Norway and Sweden border is 1630 kilometer long border. Both country comes in Schengen Area so there is no immigration controls in between these two countries. There are no formal passport required for flights and ferry ports between these two country, only identity cards required.

      Norway-Sweden Border:

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    7. 7. Brazil-Bolivia Border

      Brazil-Bolivia Border

      Brazil and Bolivia Border is very quite and peaceful border having the length 3423 km. The boundary line crosses the large urban area, terrains of forest and desert.

      Brazil-Bolivia Border:

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    8. 8. Poland-Ukraine Border

      Poland-Ukraine Border

      Poland-Ukraine Border is the line of 530 km long made in 1919. There are many crossing between Poland and Ukraine in combination of rail, road and cargo crossings. Now it is peaceful border without any terrorist activity.

      Poland-Ukraine Border:

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    9. 9. Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay Border

      Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay Border

      Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay Border is the tri-border area of country Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. At the Triple frontier point is situated where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge. The triple frontier point is very popular tourist place for the visitors.

      Argentina-Brazil-Paraguay Border:

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    10. 10. Costa Rica-Panama Border

      Costa Rica-Panama Border

      Costa Rica and Panama border is very peaceful border. It is 330 km long run between the Pacific and Caribbean coast. It is very peaceful border without any security alert and terrorist attack.

      Costa Rica-Panama Border:

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