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List of Most Expensive Bikes in the World

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Wikilistia has listed the most expensive bikes in the world here. Bikes are a love for the riders, there is almost everyone who loves to ride a bike. Sometimes it becomes a friend sometimes it become a status symbol and sometimes it plays a vital role as a successful mode of transportation. There are many glorious and astonishing bikes available nowadays in the market. These bikes are of various price segment and budget. This list includes Kawasaki Ninja H2R, Vyrus 987 C3 4V, MV Agusta F4CC and Suzuki AEM Carbon Fiber Hayabusa.
Therefore, you can get check out the complete list of most expensive bikes in the world to know about these superbikes and you can also share your views about these bikes through the comment box.

20 Most Expensive Bikes in the World (2020 Updated List)

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    The Ninja H2R is Kawasaki\'s lead offering and was first divulged at the EICMA Motorcycle show in 2015. The liter-class offering is a carefully track-only bicycle, not lawful on open streets, given the mind-boggling power and is additionally the main bicycle at present to get supercharging tech ready. Truth be told, the Ninja H2R is a decent 50 percent more dominant than the street lawful H2 that makes 197bhp of intensity. To give you point of view of how powerful the H2R is; well, it holds the record of hitting a top speed of 400 km/h.


    The numbered release of the electric superbike has carbon fiber fairings and an uncommon shape highlighting components made with 3D printing innovation and Windform® materials, extraordinarily secured with an earthenware wrap up by English organization Zircotec. Extravagance and innovative are united in the Ego 45: numbered series, best in class parts, novel execution in its sort, machining and plan components acquired from the aeronautic trade or significant global motorsports, similar to Formula 1.


    It not just appears as though a cruiser from another planet yet rides additionally like one, rather than conventional steering arrangement where forks are spent front, the Vyrus utilizes center focus controlling and front swingarm which is parallel to the tarmac. The C3 4V V is the brainchild of Ascanio Rodorigo who used to work for Bimota in the mid \'80s and the bicycle is fueled by a Ducati-sourced 1198cc V-twin engine which has been additionally supercharged to siphon out 214PS of intensity while weighing simply 154kg.


    In light of the F4, the F4CC was worked in 2007 as a restricted version model to pay tribute to the organization\'s organizer, Claudio Castiglioni. The bicycle accompanied a ludicrous 1,078 cc engine that delivered a stunning 200 torque. So as to accomplish the expanded uprooting, MV Augusta expanded the bicycle\'s drag and stroke while additionally including lighter pistons, more grounded associating bars, a stand-out slipper clutch, a lot of outlandish materials, and a full-titanium exhaust framework, bringing about a bicycle that gauges 8.8 lbs less than a standard F4R model.


    In 1979, \'Mike The Bike\' Hailwood swung his leg over a Ducati 900 NCR and won the Isle of Man TT. It was an unbelievable presentation, and NCR has respected the 30th commemoration by creating a dazzling copy dependent on the Ducati Sport 1000. This superlight racer weighs only 136kg, with the titanium outline representing just 5kg (11lbs) of that. The fumes framework is additionally titanium, while the bodywork and wheels are carbon fiber. Force originates from another NCR 1120cc race engine creating 130hp, over 40hp more than Hailwood\'s race-winning machine.


    Beginning from the Ducati Hypermotard concept bicycle, NCR presents it\'s first road ready bike! By utilizing it\'s racing and innovation information, NCR has worked each angle and part of the plan to have any kind of effect on the track and road. Tender detail care is significant at NCR and was principal in building up it\'s first road legitimate bike. Obviously every NCR cruiser is completely worked by hand and worked with a definitive energy to convey a gem to the client

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    Icon Motorcycle unveiled the Sheene at the Goodwood Festival of speed. Restricted to just 52 units, the bicycle was worked in the respect of the unbelievable racer Barry Sheene. The new Icon Sheene Superbike is fueled by a 1.4-liter turbocharged, inline 4-chamber engine that conveys an aggregate of 250 HP and a pinnacle torque of 133 lbs-ft. With a top speed of 200 mph, Sheene is the most dominant creation cruiser on the planet. It will include a specially crafted cylindrical aluminum outline, a fuel tank produced using hand-beaten aluminum and hand-laid carbon fiber boards body


    back in the early aughts Marine Turbine Technologies, otherwise known as MTT, took an era of experience building turbines for vessels, generators, and firefighting gear and conferred that into a turbine-controlled superbike called the Y2K, street fighter. That bicycle put down an entirely decent 320 pull and had a top speed of around 227 miles for every hour. They sold the hand-fabricated Y2K for around five years at that point surrendered it to concentrate on their essential business of putting 3,000 horsepower worth of turbines on air boat hulls.


    The bicycle was openly displayed for the first time at the 2014 EICMA bike show in Milan. Honda had two RC213V-S\'s in plain view at EICMA, the first was a running model to feature the way that the entire bicycle has been created from carbon fiber and separated from the name it imparts parcel of chassis technology to the RCV213V MotoGP machine. The other Honda RC213V-S was a static cruiser completed in customary HRC hues with the Japanese banner at the inside to commend 100 years of the EICMA show. The Honda RC213V-S as indicated by the Japanese bike goliath is the street going adaptation of the RC213V MotoGP machine that won both the riders and constructors title in the latest period of premiere class racing.


    The Suzuki Hayabusa (or GSX1300R) is a game bicycle bike made by Suzuki since 1999. It promptly won recognition as the world\'s quickest creation cruiser with a top speed of 188 to 194 miles for every hour (303 to 312 km/h). In 2000 feelings of trepidation of an European administrative backfire or import boycott prompted a casual understanding between the Japanese and European producers to administer the top speed of their cruisers at a self-assertive limit.After the accomplishment of carbon fiber cars, this idea is presented in bicycles also and Suzuki is presumably the second after Ducati one to do as such. The quickest bicycle from thise Japanese automaker gets the carbon fiber that further improves the performance of this sports bike.


    Ducati is a special name for bicycle producing organizations. It is an Italian organization that put sent the model of Testa Stretta NCR. This is the most costly cruiser in light of its incredible productivity and force. It draws in racers a ton however its value avoid individuals acquiring it. Its specifications include Liquids air-cooled lights, twofold disc veneer brakes, Brembo, drive up to 185 bhp (135 kW), V2, 998R four-stroke motor of Ducati Testastretta, alongside three unmistakable colours, gold, white, and black.


    This bicycle is extremely mind blowing. With a price tag of this proportion, you get a carbon fiber treatment wherever from the load bearing parts, for example, the edge, swingarm, and wheels, to the fuel tank, fairing, tail, and bumpers. Mechanical parts are either titanium, directly down to the jolts, or flying grade aluminum. To the extent the force is concerned the stock 989cc V-four Ducati motor sends around 175 HP while the NCR has tuned the M16 to offer 200 or more HP. The M16 utilizes the cutting edge MotoGP suspension just as race-style gadgets with footing control, information recording and client selectable maps that help keep this bicycle planted to the ground.


    To recognize the ten-year commemoration of making mercurial “anti-choppers,” Ecosse planned the Founder\'s Edition Titanium XX, a much more extreme V-Twin than its great forerunners. While the select FE Ti XX (only 13 are scheduled to be made) is elaborately like the Heretic model, Atchison rushes to take note of that the most significant highlights of the bicycle are entirely one of a kind. Take the undercarriage. A first of its sort, the trellis-style case and dreary curls of the fumes framework are meticulously carefully assembled from titanium. Beside being costly, solid and exceptionally impervious to consumption, titanium is additionally fantastically light: At just 440 lbs., the bicycle conveys on all cylinders.


    Legendary Black Vintage is an interesting bicycle and finds no match on the planet. The bicycle has two chambers to give the 250 cc execution. Bicycle was created in the United Kingdom. This bicycle may not furnish you with the quickest speed, however it will absolutely quicken individuals to see your home on this elite old fashioned bicycle. This is one of the most costly bicycle.


    The Dodge Tomahawk is a non–road lawful idea vehicle presented by Dodge at the 2003 North American International Auto Show that was thusly created and sold in little numbers. The Tomahawk pulled in critical press and industry consideration for its striking plan, its outsize-uprooting, 10-cylinder car engine and its four close-coupled wheels, which give it a bike like appearance. Specialists differ on whether it is a genuine motorcycle. The Retro-Art Deco plan\'s focal visual component is the 500-torque (370 kW), 8.3-liter (510 cu in) V10 SRT10 engine from the Dodge Viper sports car. The Tomahawk\'s two front and two back wheels are sprung freely, which would enable it to incline toward corners and countersteer like a cruiser


    The Cosmic Starship is a Harley Davidson V Rod. The Cosmic Starship was divulged at Bartels in Marina Del Rey, California on October 21, 2010 at a red carpet event. The idea was made by Robert Star of Star Global International Inc, with Harley Davidson and was Painted by questionable agitator Artist Jack Armstrong who utilized his one of a kind style of workmanship, Acrylic Paint and 37 Layers of clear coat to finish the venture in 6 months.On the evening of dispatch the Harley was brought down from the sky encompassed by a distributed 100k in lights. This was a red carpet eventin which numerous famous people visited.


    The Star Family\'s uncovered knuckled brawler is the exemplification of a cutting edge V-twin muscle meeting unbelievable styling, making it a moving gem. At the core of the Road Star is the 102 cubic-inch air-cooled, long-stroke OHV 48 twin engine that siphons out tremendous measures of torque scarcely of inert for energetic speeding up and awesome by and large cruising performance.For the starters it is outfitted with an advanced 102 cubic-inch, air-cooled, pushrod OHV, 48° V-twin engine which has a relocation of 1670cc. The motor is mounted on an inflexible, twofold support outline which includes a scrumptious 32° rake. The retro look of the bike is additionally improved by its long 66.5\" wheelbase just as the old school front light and the straightforward bumpers.


    The Ecosse Spirit ES1 is not normal for any bike available. The superbike of superbikes, maybe. Don Atchison turned into a dirt bicycle devotee in his childhood, inciting him to leave the corporate world and spotlight on his enthusiasm for bikes. Richard and Andy are two of the top architects and creators for Formula 1 racing. With similar principals utilized in building F1 vehicles, the group made the quickest, lightest bicycle accessible. Its speed originates from the ultra light streamlined structure and amazing engine. It is made with a frameless body shrouded in carbon fiber and a luxury leather seat. The driver sits in a place that enables the knees to be near the body for more noteworthy ergonomics and control. Likewise, it utilizes an alternate suspension framework for both front and back suspension, alongside handlebars mounted to the front fork for unrivaled front tire control. It weighs around 265 lbs and can circumvent 230 miles for each hour. This is a bike that genuinely performs like a F1 car.


    The AJS 500 cc Porcupine was a British dashing bike worked by Associated Motor Cycles (AMC), which débuted in 1945 with a horizontal engine assigned E90S. A later E95 model was created with a slanted engine. AMC delivered AJS and Matchless brands at the time. The bike was initially planned by AJS to be supercharged, similar to various pre-war dashing bicycles, yet the FICM restricted supercharging in 1946.The engine was then taken a shot at to enable it to perform without a supercharger.


    The maker of this bicycle is none other than Neiman Marcus, who has literally nothing to do with the car or bike industry. The Limited Edition Fighter is a perfect looking bicycle, since it\'s very steampunk like. The kicker for this ride is that, while it may not appear as though you ought to be driving it out and about, it\'s totally road legitimate. With regards to head turners, this one meets that desire. It\'s simply so straightforward and bare-boned, We have to appreciate Neiman Marcus on how they made this bicycle. Maybe they chose to simply get down to the foundations of what makes a bike a bike, all while including an interesting flourish of style.