List of Mini Tractors in India

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This List contains the 1 Mini Tractors in India.

List of Mini Tractors in India

  1. MAHINDRA JIVO 225 DI 2WD Tractor is specially designed for small landholding works like ploughing, pulling and haulage. It comes with many impressive features which makes it best for multiple crops such as Grapes, Sugarcane, Cotton and Orchards. In terms of specifications, Tractor paired with a number of features which makes more suitable at the fields. It comes with 1366cc DI Engine, offering 20-HP and 72 NM torque power which is helpful to carry out all operations. Tractor boosted with 18.4 Max PTO HP with 2300 RPM rated and Sliding Mesh Transmission equipped with 8 Forward and 4 Reserve gearbox. Tractor can be run up to 25 in hour which is maximum speed of this tractor.
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