M Name List Girl Indian 2021

List of M Name Girl Indian 2021

Hey guys, if you are looking for the M Name List Girl Indian 2021 then you are at the right article. Here are 70+ Hindu baby names for your little daughter to choose from along with their meanings. Discuss with your partner and family members and select the most suitable name for her.

If you live in India and any other country and want to know about the Indian girl name or want to suggest a beautiful name to your friends baby or family member then don’t worry here we have provided the complete list of M Name Girl Indian 2021 for your little one.

M Name List Girl Indian 2021

Name Meaning
Mouli name of Lord Shiva
Maryam Beautiful women, Flower, Beloved
Meher Grace
Misha happy for the entire life
Maisha walking with proud
Maira beloved
Maha large eyes, moon-like
Mais proud
Mukai the heroine of famous folk legend
Mahati great
Madhura a bird
Mridini Goddess Parvati
Marvi Beauty redefined
Mahati Great Power
Malar Flower, Jasmine
Mruthula Caring Nature
Mahasweta Goddess Saraswati
Mayil Full of grace, Like a peacock
Madri Wife of Pandu
Mikula Beauty
Mesha Long life
Mrinal Lotus
Manini Self respected
Mahima Greatness, Glorious
Mihira Feminine form of Mihir the Sun
Manali Cute
Mahua An Intoxicating flower
Mehal Cloud
Malli Jasmine Flower
Marichi Name of a star
Mihika Mist, Fog
Mishti Sweetness
Mukti Salvation
Mruthula Caring Nature
Monisha Intelligent
Mohini Attractive
Mihika Dew Drops
Menka Heavenly Damsel
Mekhala Slope of a mountain
Mehul Cloud
Meghavini Intelligence
Meghana Rain Cloud
Meera Krishna’s Devotee
Meenal Precious Gem
Meenakshi Eyes like fish
Medini Earth
Mayukhi Peahen
Matisha Goddess
Marushika Born with the blessings of lord shiva
Marisha Mother of Daksha
Marichi Name of a star
Marala Swan
Manya Honorable
Manjyot Light of a mind
Manjulika A sweet girl
Manju Pleasant
Manisha Desire
Manini Self respected
Manikya Ruby
Manika Jewel
Mandakini River
Manasi Woman
Mamatha Affection
Malvika One who lived in Malva
Malki Queen
Malini Fragrant
Maliha Strong
Malavika One who lived in Malvi
Makshi Honey bee
Maitreyi Friendship
Mahika Earth
Mahathi Great
Mahaniya One who is praiseworthy
Magana Engrossed
Magadhi Flowers
Madhu Sweet

So guys if you are confused to choose a name for your baby girl with M-word then this list is only for you. Above you can check the unique M Name List Girl Indian 2021 along with their meanings and find out which name suits your little girl. We hope this list proved very interesting for you. If you really like this list then you can also comment below in the comment box.



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