List of Longest Sixes in IPL 2019

Last Updated on: April 24, 2019
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This List contains the 6 Longest Sixes in IPL 2019.

Vivo Indian Premier League IPL (Season-12) has been started from 23 March 2019. There are 8 teams have participated to win 2019 Champion Troffy. There are many cricketers in IPL who playing very well such as “Andre Russell”, “Crish Gayle” and “Mahendra Singh Dhoni” and many more. In the further article, we have created a list about those players who hit longest six in IPL 2019. So, let’s know about such players.

List of Longest Sixes in IPL 2019

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    Hardik Pandya

    104 Meter
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    "Hardik Pandya also listed in this list who hit 104 Meter Six against MD. Siraj who is fast bowler from Mumbai Indian Cricket club." naveen

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    Umesh Yadhav

    101 Meter
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    "Umesh Yadhav is an Indian fast bowler who currently representing RCB in IPL. Umesh also listed in this list with a longest six of 101 Meter. Umesh hit this six against Sandeep Singh bowler." naveen

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    "It was the third over of the match and Chris Gayle got stuck in to an over-pitched ball against Ishant Sharma who represents Delhi Capitals. Gayle cleared his right leg and hit longest six of 101 Meter. Chrish Gayle known for this type shots in IPL." naveen

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    Chris Lynn

    102 Meter
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    "Chris Lynn hit a 102 meter long six against Yuzvendra Chahal during RCB VS KKR match. Chris Lynn is an Austrian player who comes in opening. His currently strike rate is 180.98." naveen

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    "Mahindra Singh dhoni hit longest six of 111 Meter in IPL 2019. Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB). Dhoni hit this six against Umesh Yaadav bowler on Short Length ball.. " naveen

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