List of Latest Agricultural Machineries for Small Farms in India.

Last updated on : October 7, 2018
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This List contains the 10 Latest Agricultural Machineries for Small Farms in India..

Agriculture is the process in which people produced food, fruits, fiber, medicinal plants and other products for enhancing the life. The back dated history of agriculture science, people gathered wild grains at least 105000 years ago, and began to plant them around 11500 years ago. Before it they depended on the pigs, sheep, cattle and wild crops. Now the trend of Agriculture become modern. Latest technologies and agriculture machinery used for Land preparation, Irrigation, Sowing, Removing weeds,Removing of Grass, Harvesting.

List of Latest Agricultural Machineries for Small Farms in India. (10 Items)

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    Tractor is an engineering vehicle used for land preparation, transportation of goods and for driving agriculture equipment. It is generally more
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    Disc harrow are tractor driven mechanical machine that is used to break up virgin land and to till the soil where crops are to be planted. It more
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    Cultivator(mechanical equipment) is used for the land preparation. Cultivator used the rotary motion of discs or teeth as they are dragged through more
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    Agricultural Plough is to turn and break up soil and to help control weeds. It is basically used for sowing seeds by digging iron sticks into the more
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    Agriculture bed maker is mechanical equipment. It is used to make a straight bed in the field. By this technology of bed making we can reduces the more
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    Rotavator is the advance version of Cultivator. It is used for land preparation as well as sowing wheat, Sugarcane etc. It contain rotary tiller best more
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    Agriculture Trolley is used to carry seeds, crops, fertilizers and different other required material from one place to another place. It the basic more
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    Potato planter is the mechanical equipment used to sowing potato. It is hitched behind a tractor with three point linkage. The cups lift potato seeds more
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    Seed Drills machine is an mechanical machine used for sowing the seeds for crops. It is used for individual seeds, positioning then into the soil and more
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    Agriculture Reaper is used to cut the crops and collected for harvesting. It is mechanical type machine. Modern machine that not only cut the corps more
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