List of Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

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Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO List
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    1. 1. Ryte -Software Suite

      Ryte -Software Suite

      Ryte is a software suite which is an alternative of Google Search Console. It is software using of which you can track optimize your site and create and best strategy to achieve the goals. The RYTE tool offers you and allows you to monitor, analyze and optimize your site. Using this tool you can also fix hidden errors, write better content and improve your performance in Google.

      Ryte -Software Suite:

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    2. 2. Infinite Suggest

      Infinite Suggest

      Infinite Suggest is a keyword suggestion tool SEO and SEM beginners. The tool show less details of the keyword and for more details it redirects you to the official keyword research tool of SEMrush. The offers a filter option for the search. You can filter your search by Search Engine and by Language. It suggest the wide range of keyword which can be optimized to your site to get better ranking.

      Infinite Suggest:

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    3. 3. Inboundwriter


      Inboundwriter is a tool for SEO profession offered by MarTech. This tool allow you to write real-time content and to check the keywords on the content so that it can appear at better position in Google SERP. InboundWriter is designed specifically for writers online marketers, digital journalists, PR professionals and other marketing professionals who are in the digital marketing sector. When you create title of your content it will show you where your targeted keyword in the title will rank on the Google. It will also tell your about the related keywords that you should consider in content and title.


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    4. 4. WordStream Free Keyword Tool

      WordStream Free Keyword Tool

      WordStream Free Keyword Tool is similar to Google Keyword Planner in many ways. The tool is free with some limitation and you can remove these limitation by upgrading the plan. In free plan, you will get 30 searches per day so you never hurts to become familiar with WordStream. WordStream one of the more user-friendly keyword research tools available. Along with the keyword suggestion it also suggests you about niche of content marketing. Using the content marketing tool you can find and target the profitable niche.

      WordStream Free Keyword Tool:

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    5. 5. Ubersuggest


      Ubersuggest is keyword tool offered by NEILPATEL. It gives you better keyword suggestion to SEO and PPC. Ubersuggest keyword tool provides you everything for free. From a single word to long tail keyword, you can check thousands of suggestions and trends. It also shows you the keyword's competition, volume, traffic, CPC, profitable to rank and trends of the keyword. It also shows the Competitive Intelligence including, root domain, clicks, domain authority etc. This data helps you to the determine the specify you wants to target.


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    6. 6. Keyword In

      Keyword In

      Keyword In is a keyword research tool where you can gran a list of seed keyword. It is one of the simplest keyword research tool. It only takes couple of seconds to show you the result and list of keyword suggestion. This tool is best for those who recently launched their website and finding a tool to cover the keyword of their niche. It starts with long tail keyword which helps in implementing the seo tactics easily without facing the hard competition.

      Keyword In:

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    7. 7. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

      IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

      IMforSMB is website which provides multiple services. IMforSMB provides you a tool to generate bulk keyword, to check and analyze the SEO of any website and project categorization. The tool is free to use and SEO beginner can utilize the free offers of the tool. The tool offers to generate bulk keyword for which first select you have to the Business then the service and thereafter you have to enter you location. Here the complete list of select area and business.

      IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator:

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    8. 8. Google Correlate

      Google Correlate

      Google Correlate is Google service which offers you to correlate the seed keyword with the other words. Google Correlate is extreme powerful tool for generating a large keyword list which you can use to execute your SEO planning to get better ranking in Search Engine Result Page. The reason behind to use the Google Correlate tool is the ability to check which keyword get searched together with the seed keyword. With this list of correlated keyword you can grow you ranking by implementing the good tactics in the right direction.

      Google Correlate:

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    9. 9. AnswerThePublic


      AnswerThePublic is one of the best and unique tool which helps you to find the questions related to the seed keyword. It is unique suggestion tool. When you enter a seed keyword in to the search bar and hit the Question button, it will spit out a bunch of relevant questions. On the basis of these suggestion, you can manage your SEO tactics and implement to get a better ranking on Google Search Result Page.


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    10. 10. Suggestion Keyword Finder

      Suggestion Keyword Finder

      Suggestion Keyword Finder is a free keyword research tool by SEO Chat which results a bulk keywords bu it doesn't have advanced features. However it gives you a enough keyword suggestion to implement you SEO tactics. If fulfills the demand of suggestion of you seed keyword. It provides a filter of Level-1, Level-2 and L-3. At level 1 it give you a result with broad list but at Level 2 and Level 3 it suggests new keyword of the seed keyword. Using the new suggestion from Level-2 and Level-3 you can easily achieve the goal of ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

      Suggestion Keyword Finder:

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    11. 11. Google Trends

      Google Trends

      Google Trends is a Google service offers current trends on the Google. Here you can find the latest trending keywords as well as the latest stories. These stories and keywords can be searched by years and you can filter it by city area and country. The tool result a trending keyword of your seed keyword and you can search and checkout the trending stories on Google. Researching on these trends you can grab a tons of traffic. Google Trends is the an alternative place of google news where you can check the latest stories but it offer the features of searching the trending keyword also.

      Google Trends:

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    12. 12. Keyword Snatcher

      Keyword Snatcher

      Keyword Snatcher is keyword research tool which is easy to use. It gives you the keyword result from multiple sources like Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, YouTube etc. For a single seed keyword its gives you a result and suggestion of minimum 2000 keywords. You can filter these suggestion by count of words. It offers you to filter the words upto words.

      Keyword Snatcher:

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    13. 13. Keywords Everywhere

      Keywords Everywhere

      Keywords Everywhere is another alternative of Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords. It is a free keyword research tool which shows the data from top 10 website including Ebay, Amazon and Answer The Public, Google, Bing etc. It is a Google Chrome Extension which is a best thing. It less-down the task of copy and past in Google Planner because the result shows in the SERP in the browser. You just have to install in the browser you are using for analyzing the competitors website or page.

      Keywords Everywhere:

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    14. 14. SECockpit


      SECockpit is tool to get a better keyword suggestion. When you enter a seed keyword then you can a list of result which includes the related and suggested keyword which depends on the depth of search trends, organic competition and traffic estimates. SECockpit tool is designed for the SEO professionals and helps them to achieve the better ranking. Features: Filtering is one of the best feature of the tool. You can use 100 filters to get the result that you actually want.


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    15. 15. Jaaxy


      Jaaxy is straight forward keyword research tool which gives a result within seconds. It suggests you thousands of keywords which helps to get improvement in optimizing the page and site and to generate more traffic. Jaaxy provides you lots of different keyword ideas using these keyword and optimizing them in the site will definitely help you getting better SERP ranking. Features: The best feature of Jaaxy is QSR which stands for "Quoted Search Result” which means, how many other websites are trying to rank for this exact term?. Lesser the QSR value shows the better chances to have of better SERP ranking.


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    16. 16. Soovle


      Soovle is a place where you can find all keyword at one place. It gives you a suggested keyword from Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and more. These are untapped keywords from multiple sources that your competition doesn’t know about. Your favorite keywords can be saved in a CSV file which you can use in future.


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    17. 17. Serpstat


      Serpstat Search Engine Result Page is a Google ranking page and Serpstat tools is provides the stats of that page like keywords CPC, etc. Serpstat keyword research tools is very simple to use and any beginner can easily analyze their competitors keyword and get benefits from them. Features: As we said above that the tool is simple and easy to use. It shows the limited things about your competitors. Keyword details is provides are Search volume, Competition, CPC, Keyword difficulty score. It also shows the details like page rank, external backlinks and referring domains etc.


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    18. 18. SpyFu


      SpyFu, the name of the domain defines its spying work. The tool exposes the search marketing secret formula of the success of your competitors. By using the tool you can find most profitable keywords and just analyzing the domain of your competitors. Here you can find the online and traditional leads methods like social media, email, phone, and address. Features of Tool:

      • Adwords Competitor Keyword Spy Tool
      • Monitor PPC Competitors
      • Adwords Adviser
      • PPC Ad Rank Trackor
      • 3-way Competitor Keyword Research Tool
      • Influencer Marketing - Social Outreach for Backlinks
      • Track your SEO Keyword Rankings
      • SEO Keyword Ranking History
      • and many more.


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    19. 19. LongTailPro


      LongTailPro is a cloud based software which helps you to find the less competitive keywords that can get you more and more traffic. The software also helps you to track the ranking of the pages. You can check the backlinks and seed keywords and PPC. Using the LongTailPro you can optimize and analyze the long tail keywords of the competitors domains and after optimizing that keyword you can create a tactics to improve your SERP ranking. Features: This keyword research tool which allow you to spy the keywords of your competitors. Using the tool you can optimize the long tail keywords and implement them on your website and blog and improve your Google ranking. It also provide multiple filters to get a deep knowledge of your competitor's domain.


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    20. 20. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

      Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

      Ahrefs is the best option to explore the related keywords of your blog and site. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool is popular for its offered features. You can find the keyword using a page, domain and using a query and in all cases it gives you a perfect and best suitable search result. Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool allow you to explore site and content as well. We are also primarily using Ahrefs tool for optimizing our site and analyzing competitor's sites. Features: When we talk about the features of Ahrefs tool, the quality comes in our mind. It also shows the click of the any keywords along with the traffic. The tool uses clickstream data to also show how many clicks you will get from the search engine. It shows the related keywords as well as the new search terms of that keywords. It also shows you the SERP rank on the dashboard page.

      Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool:

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