Jeopardy Winners List

List of Jeopardy Winners

Hello guys, If you looking for Jeopardy Winners List then you are absolutely at the right place. Jeopardy is an American television game show. The format of this game is a quiz competition. It is one of the most popular games in a foreign city. It was created by Merv Griffin. Ken Jennings, Mike Richards and Merv Griffin are executive producers of this show.

In this game, contestants have presented their general knowledge clues in the form of answers. Through this amazing game, many contestants in the show’s history have received significant media attention. The first episode of Jeopardy was telecast on 30 March 1964. Here you can check a List of Jeopardy Winners.

Jeopardy Winners List

1. Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings is one of the popular contestants of the Jeopardy game show. He was won money $4,522,700 in the show Jeopardy for five different categories. Ken Jennings was born on May 23, 1974, in Edmonds, Washington, U.S. His full name is Kenneth Wayne Jennings. He is a Gameshow contestant and Apart from this, he is also known as a television presenter, author and podcaster.

2. James Holzhauer

James Holzhauer is also one of the famous American game show contestants of Jeopardy. He was born on July 23, 1984, in Naperville, Illinois, US. He was won $2,464,216 the money in-game show jeopardy as a second-highest winner. He is also known as a professional sports gambler. He is one of the most popular contests in American country also known for his 32-game Jeopardy winning streak.

3. Matt Amodio

Matt Amodio is one of the very intelligent contestants of the famous game show Jeopardy. Hw was won $1,518,601 the money in the game show Jeopardy. His full name is Matthew Benjamin Amodio. Matthew Amodio was born on December 4, 1990. Matt Amodio is from the Medina, Ohio, US. He has completed his higher education BS, MS from Ohio State University and also MS from the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

4. Jason Zuffranieri

Jason Zuffranieri is one of the popular contestants of the game show Jeopardy. He was born in 1977. He has earned half of a million-dollar in the 19-game run. Jason Zuffranieri is an American chemical Engineer. He is also a very intelligent math teacher by his profession. He has recently come to limelight on the American television after he participated in the game show Jeopardy and became a champion.

5. David Madden

David Madden was born on June 13, 1981. David Madden was won the fourth-highest number of games in the game show Jeopardy in non-tournament gameplay. He was winning 19 games and $432,400 the money between July 5 and September 19, 2005. He was one of the best game players in the game show Jeopardy. David Madden is an American art historian. He has completed his education at Princeton University and Ridgewood High School.

6. Julia Collins

Julia Collins is one of the beautiful and famous contestants of the American game show Jeopardy. She was born in 1982 in Kenilworth, Illinois, United States. Julia Collins is best known for being a 20-day champion on the quiz show Jeopardy. During her run from April 21 to June 2, 2014. Julia Collins was won $429,100 in the game show Jeopardy. Julia Collins is the sixth-highest runner up in this game show Jeopardy history for regular play.

7. Austin Rogers

Austin Rogers was born in Pound Ridge, New York, United States. He was one of the popular American contestants of the game show Jeopardy. Austin Rogers is a Bartender by profession. Austin Rogers has completed his education at Macalester College in 2000. He took home $411,000 in prize money after a 12-game winning streak.

8. Matt Jackson

Matt Jackson was born on June 24, 1992. He was one of the famous contestants of the Jeopardy game show. Matt Jackson is known for appearances on Jeopardy. Matt Jackson is also an American paralegal and former contestant on the syndicated game show Jeopardy Matt Jackson has completed his higher study at Yale University in 2014 and Georgetown Day School. He has earned $413,612 seventh-highest total in regular play in both categories in the game show Jeopardy.


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