10 Interesting Facts about Libya that will below your mind

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Libya is the popular country of North Africa. 90 percent of it total area is desert. In starting it was an christian center historically. Now it is an Islamic country. Libya’s climate and poor soil is not able to produce food for their people, so it import 75 percent of it total food. Libya’s national language is Arabic but people also speaks Italian and English. The popular sports in Libya are soccer, racing and camel racing. Here we are presenting the list of Interesting Facts about Libya that will below your mind.

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  1. 1. Libya had only one King in entire History


    Libya had a history that it had only one king. Libya became a Constitutional hereditary monarchy on 24 Dec. 1951 under King Idris after gaining Independence. At that time Libya was a poor country. King Idris reigned from 1951 until overthrown by Colonel Gaddafi in 1969.

  2. 2. Libya Official Name is Great Socialist Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


    During the Gaddafi's regime, Gaddafi renamed Libya as Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. In many parts of the world Gaddafi sponsored revolutionary acts. These revolutionary acts destabilization of many countries in Africa.

  3. 3. Libya was a Christian Center Earlier (Historically)


    Libya was on of the large and original country of Christianity. There are many ancient buildings and notable characters from Libya as simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry the cross. Apart from these there is also St. Mark who is the author of the first Christian Bible and St. Mark is the founder of the Church of Alexandria.

  4. 4. Libya's Longest Mediterranean Sea coast in North African Countries


    Libya is on the Mediterranean between Egypt and Tunisia. It is also with Niger and Chad to the south and Sudan to the southeast. The Mediterranean Sea is a sea connected to the Atlantic Ocean. Libya's Mediterranean coast are most prominent natural features also Sahara Desert are the country's most prominent natural features.

  5. 5. Libya Imports about 75 percent of its Population’s food


    Libya have poor soil condition and climate condition. So, there is production of total food is only 25 percent for the people of Libya. The 75 percent of food imported by Libya. Libya makes limited production of cereals mainly wheat, barley and also produces citrus fruits, olives, grapes, dates, tomatoes, and almonds.

  6. 6. Largest Proven Oil Reserves in Libya


    Libya is largest proven oil reserves in Africa. It maks a major contribution to the world in supplying oil. Libya started exporting this sweet oil in 1961 and currently 48.363 billion barrels of proven oil reserve in Libya.

  7. 7. Mermaid of the Mediterranean Tripoli (Libya)


    Tripoli is the capital of Libya which is also known as Mermaid of the Mediterranean because of its turquoise waters and whitewashed buildings. Currently Tripoli have the population of 1.2 million people. It renowned the Medina, historic old town. It is the leading tourist attraction.

  8. 8. Libyans are Warm and Welcoming People


    When greeting to others Libyans are very naive people. They shake hands as long as the verbal greeting is on going. Traditionally Libyan serve a meal to guest before asking about his or her identity.

  9. 9. Popular Sports in Libya


    Soccer, chariot races and camel racing are popular sports in Libya. Gaddafi was a huge fan of soccer because his son played for notable Italian clubs Udinese, Sampdoria, and Perugia. Apart from soccer common sport camel racing of desert also popular in Libya.

  10. 10. Other Interesting Facts about Libya


    Libyan green color flag was the only national flag in the world which had one single color. 95 Percent of area is desert in Libya. Electricity is free in Libya. After meals Tea is often served. Sometimes roasted almonds or peanuts are mixed into the tea and serve after meal and food is eaten with three fingers of the right hand. Alcohol is illegal in Libya. Country Libya is able to give loans to citizens at zero percent interest by law.They had no external debt for the loan.

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