List of Interesting Facts About Nicaragua Culture

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This List contains the 10 Interesting Facts About Nicaragua Culture.

Nicaragua is officially known as Republic of Nicaragua. It is a beautiful tropical country with amazing landscape and friendly environment and very popular in the world for its interesting facts. Nicaragua is the largest country in the central American isthmus.

Here we are listing the interesting facts about Nicaragua culture to inform you about its culture, history, geography, economy, people and cuisines.

List of Interesting Facts About Nicaragua Culture (10 Items)

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    The country has two coasts, each situated at different oceans. The pacific ocean lies to the west side of Nicaragua and Caribbean ocean to the east. more
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    The economy of the country mainly focused on agriculture sector. It is a minimum development and second poorest country in central America by nominal more
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    The lake Nicaragua is officially known as Freshwater Sea. It is the largest lake in central America which provide water supply for most of Nicaragua more
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    Ruins of Leon Viejo is a important city in Nicaragua which was established in 1524. This is the 1500 years old city and is still occupied today. The more
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    William Walker American physician, lawyer, journalist and mercenary who was born on 8th May 1824 in Nashville, Tennessee. He organised many private more
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    The Nicaragua country won its independence from Spain on 15th September 1821 after a successful revolution. After won the independence revolution the more
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    Violeta Chamorro is the first women who became president of central American country. Nicaragua selected the Violeta Chamorro as a president in 1990. more
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    Nicaragua is the safest country in central America. The country has a lowest murder rate, low prison population and small military force. The country more
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    The Nicaragua's economy focused on agricultural sector. This is the least developed country in central America. Three quarters of people in Nicaragua more
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    If you are planning to to spend your holidays in Nicaragua than you have to pay 10 USD dollar as entry tax in cash only. If you purchase any goods more

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