List of Indoor Plants That Grow Without Sunlight

Hi, Nature lovers ! We have some Indoor Plants for your house that grow without sunlight and also prevent you form various insects. Plants & Trees are the best friends of humans, they always produce the Oxygen and observe Carbon-dioxide from the environment.

So these indoor plants will help you to keep your house safe from insects & deceases and will provide you fresh purify air to breath.

Indoor Plants That Grow Without Sunlight List

1. Bromeliads


Bromeliads is an beautiful and a perfect plant for your house, You can grow it anywhere in your house without requiring direct sunlight. This plant is also an decorative plant which will enhance the beauty of your Window, balcony and rooms.


2. Calathea (Peacock Plant)

Calathea (Peacock Plant)

Calathea (Peacock Plant) a eye pleasing plant which look seamlessly amazing and fill up the empty boring corner of your house with an pleasuring look. This plants doesn’t require more sunlight but you have to give it efficient water according to the temperature.

Calathea (Peacock Plant):

3. Dracaena


Dracaena is house friendly indoor plant which comes with almost 50 species and can grow up to 12 feet in height. You can also control its height by chopping it up form the desired point of length and it will be sprout within few weeks.


4. Azalea


Azalea is the prettiest indoor plant which produce blossom flowers and available in many colors.If you wants to change its shape or size you can easily trim it. You can also plant it in groups in large area but it looks very pretty in balcony and in living room. Azalea will definitely change your mood when you see its flowers.


5. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is also popular as mother-in-law’s tongue or Saint George’s sword comes in several species, It is the best air purifier plant according to NASA. This plant doesn’t require much care and attention and you can get the fresh air from it without watering for weeks.

Snake Plant:

6. Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern

Maidenhair Fern is an glossy look plant which grows more in high humidity environment and make the surrounding fresh and cool. It is full with small leaves and greenish color and having flowers in spring season which can be a good option for a table plant.

Maidenhair Fern:

7. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

If you are lazy and don’t want to water your plant regularly then Peace Lily is the right indoor plant for you because it doesn’t require more water to grow. It also is a right plant to grow in shade and continuously purify the air which make you feel good while breathing.

Peace Lily:

8. Lucky Bamboo Plant – Dracaena Braunii

Lucky Bamboo Plant - Dracaena Braunii

Lucky Bamboo Plant or Dracaena Braunii is an bamboo plant which considered as the symbol of Luck & prosperity, You can also gift this plant to your friends and loving once for make them feel happy. This plant doesn’t requires direct sunlight but grow better in bright environment, You can place it on table an other small places.

Lucky Bamboo Plant – Dracaena Braunii:

9. Money Plant

Money Plant

Money Plant is also known as Devil’s Ivy (Golden Pothos) and it also popular as the plant of money & wealth. Its very common in Asian countries as a indoor plant. There are many species of this plant and its the member of vine categories. Money Plant is an low maintenance vine which you can easily grow in your house.

Money Plant:

10. Spider Plant

Spider Plant

If you want an hanging plant for your door side or window wall then Spider Plant is the best indoor plant for you. It is an air purifier plant which is very useful for fresh & clean air. Hang or keep this plant in your house and get ride of unwanted harmful bacteria. Spider Plant is also an low light indoor plant which doesn’t need direct sunlight.

Spider Plant:



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