Best Indoor Board Games List PDF

List of Indoor Board Games PDF

Hello guys, Here we are going to upload the Best Indoor Board Games List PDF for you. Playing games is very important for the physical as well as mental health and during the time period of Covid – 19 we all got to know that spending time at home is very difficult and bearing.

So while feeling bearing people started to spent their time with family and looked for some very interesting board games. Board games can be played with family and you can also play them indoors at your home. There are many popular board games that are very useful for increasing mental capability. A few of those games are as follows –

Best Indoor Board Games List PDF

1. Mini Foosball

The foosball game is one of the very interesting games. To play foosball, you need 2-4 players, a foosball table, and a ball. Each player has to move 2-4 rods, controlling a total of 13 players per team. Players stand on opposite sides, twisting their rods to get their players to kick the ball into their opponent’s goal.

2. UNO Playing Card Game

If you want to play the UNO game then you just need the simple play cards that have to be printed with the same design on the back. In this game, the cards have four different coloured number cards that have some specific set of numbers on them and each payer should have a particular combination to win the game.

3. Scrabble

If you’re looking for a game that is more than just entertainment scrabble is a perfect choice. The game will also teach you so many new words that will help in expanding your vocabulary. The children can also play this game. The game requires 2-4 people. This Scrabble game can be also carried on picnics if you cannot play outdoor games you can still have fun with this classic word game.

4. Othello

If you want to buy a game that indulges in deep strategy making then Othello is one of the best indoor board games. Two people can play this game at a time. You can play this game for a long time because it’s very interesting. Your child can develop the habit of making strategies and changing them when time demands this thoughtful game.

5. Ball in a Maze Puzzle

If you want to play an interesting game at the home then Ball in a Maze Puzzle is the best option for you. This is also an eco-friendly, easy, and logical game that anyone of any age group can play. You need to put three tiny balls to the destination in the centre of a box-type Maze.

6. Taboo Board Game

If you are searching for good indoor board games for your kids then the Taboo Board Game is new and can also be challenging for your kids. In this game, players need to find the right abrasion and guess the right spellings. This game looks very easy but is difficult because you need to do it under the given time in the timer.

7. Traditional Indian Ludo

Traditional Indian Ludo game is also known as Chaucer. This is a traditional game that holds importance as it was also played in Mahabharata. This game includes a handmade cloth on which the entire game is placed. There are wooden coins of four different colours and two wooden stick dice. This can be easily folded and carried anywhere you want.

8. Monopoly

This is a game that gives you insights into how buying, selling, and trading works. It is an extremely interesting and brainstorming game. Kids can learn a lot and even focus on strategy making to sharpen their minds. This board can be taken on picnics as it is fun packed in a compact space.

9. Ludo, Snakes, and Ladders

If you are feeling bored in your free time then you can play one of the fantastic board game which is known as Ludo, Snakes, and Ladders. it is also one of the oldest and most played board games in the world. Whether you are an adult or a kid both can play this wonderful board game which is an unforgettable part of our childhood. You need a minimum of two players to play this game.

10. Three Sticks Board Game

As you know that it is always a good idea to teach your children the basics of subjects through games. Therefore the Three Sticks Board Game is an easy way to teach your children some very good things. It builds a strong impression and knowledge that is endless. The game requires you to build different shapes using them.

Here you can download the Best Indoor Board Games List PDF by click on this link.



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