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List of Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters from Uttar Pradesh

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Here you will meet Great Muslim Freedom Fighters who sacrificed many times at the time of Independence. You can also call them a social worker who belongs Muslim Community. These all following people are known as Muslim social reformers.

There are many persons included in this list who played a main role for their society development and taken part in a resistance movement against an oppressive political or social establishment. Here you can also check all kind information about them.

These all following people belongs from Uttar Pradesh and popularly known as social activists and Freedom Fighters .

10 Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters from Uttar Pradesh (2020 Updated List)

This List contains 10 Indian Muslim Freedom Fighters from Uttar Pradesh. Please share your comments and votes on items to make this list more helpful for other users.


    Maghfoor Ahmad Ajazi was a Social Activist and Politician. He also known as founder of All-India Jamhur Muslim League & Flag bearer for the cause of Urdu Language. He was born on 3 March 1900 at Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India. He was dead on 26 September 1966 at 'Ajazi House' which located in Muzaffarpur city.


    Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar was an Indian Activist and also known as Indian Muslim leader, activist, scholar, journalist and a poet, and was among the leading figures of the Khilafat Movement. As well as, he was also a member of Indian National Congress and All-India Muslim League. In terms of personal information, he was born on 10 December 1878 at Rampur, Uttar Pradesh and completed his education from Oxford University. He was died in January 1931 in London, United State.


    Maulana Ali Shaukat is a Muslim Reformer who best known for Khilafat Movement in which he was a leader. As well as, he was also a part of many movement such as Independence movement of Pakistan and Indian independence movement. Shaukat Ali was born on 10 March 1873 at Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh and he was died on 26 November 1938 in Delhi.


    Abadi Bano Begum was a social reformer and activist who was from a Muslim Community from Uttar Pradesh. She was best known for Indian independence movement. She was one of the first Muslim women who take part in a movement against British Raj. She was born in UP in 1850. She got married with Abdul Ali Khan. She had 6 children in which Maulana Mohammad Ali Jouhar and Maulana Shaukat Ali are her son. She was died in November 13, 1924.


    Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari commonly known as Political Leader also popular as social reformer for Indian Independence Movement. He was a leader of Indian National Congress and the Muslim League who played a main role to got freedom. He was born on 25 December 1880 in Yusufpur-Mohammadabad town which is located in Uttar Pradesh. He completed his education from Madras Medical College and he died on 10 May 1936.


    Ashfaqulla Khan was great freedom fighter who played a main role during Indian independence movement. He was born on 22 October 1900 at place Shahjahanpur which is town of Uttar Pradesh. Ashfaqulla Khan was the youngest boy among his six siblings. He was also a part of Hindustan Republican Association. He was died on 19 December 1927.


    Rafi Ahmed Kidwai popularly known as politician and Social activist who played a main role during Indian independence movement. He also known as Islamic socialist who was born on 18 February 1894 at place Barabank, Uttar Pradesh. He was also a part of Indian National Congress. He got married with Rashid-un-Nisa and thereafter he got married with Majid-un-Nisa in 1919. He was youngest in their brothers and Ali Kamil, Mehfooz Ahmad, Hussain Kamil Kidwai, Shafi Ahmed are known as their siblings.


    Fazl E Haq Khairabadi was an Indian Author who was known as one of the main figures of Indian Rebellion of 1857. He was also known as philosopher, an author, a poet, a religious scholar but he best known for when he issued a fatwa in favor of Jihad against the 'English' in 1857. He was born on 1797 at Khairabad, Sitapur and died in 1861 Andaman Islands.


    Begum Hazrat Mahal also listed in list of great Muslim freedom fighter from India. She was the second wife of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. She played a main role during Indian Rebellion which was held in 1857. She fight for freedom against the British East India Company. She was born in 1820 at place Faizabad and died on 7 April 1879 in Kathmandu, Nepal.


    Syed Mahmud also known as Dr. Syed Mahmud who was an Indian politician, Writer and Senior leader from the Indian National Congress. He played a main role during the Indian independence movement. He wrote many books like Khilafat and England - Scholar's Choice Edition, Khilafat and England and A Nationalist Muslim, etc. He was born in 1889 in Saidpur village which is nearby Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh. He completed his education from Aligarh Muslim University and died in 1971.