List of Highest Paragliding Point in India

Paragliding commonly known as adventure sport in which a person flies in the Sky by using a Pairaashoot. Now such as people who want to fly in the Sky like a bird, they can also fulfill their hobbies through Pairaashoot. This sport was founded in 1940S in Domina Jalbert. Currently this sport  is slowly becoming very common in India. There are many  Paragliding destinations and points are available in India as we going to describe below. These all following destination are known as best place for Paragliding.

Highest Paragliding Point in India List

1. Bir Billing

Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a best tourist destination also known as Paragliding Capital of India. Bir is a village in Himachal Pradesh which is best known for Paragliding. This place is located in the Joginder Nagar Valley which has an altitude of 2600m. People who are looking best Paragliding point in Himachal Pradesh, they can visit at Bir Billing.

Bir Billing:

2. Sikkim


Sikkim is a northeast state of India which capital is Gangtok also known as city of Paragliding. People who want to fly like a free bird, they can visit at Sikkim to explore Adventure. It is a smallest state which is located around Himalayas. India’s highest mountain Kangchenjunga also located in Sikkim which total elevation is 8,586 m.


3. Kunjapuri


Kunjapuri is one of best paragliding point of Uttarakhand where you will get an amazing experience of adventure. This place is located among the Shiwaliks where you will wee an awesome view of Gangotri, Banderpunch and many other peaks. As pwr find information, Kunjapuri basically known as religious place of Uttarakhand.

Kunjapuri: Uttarakhand

4. Pavana Kamshet

Pavana Kamshet

Pavana Kamshet is a best place for Paragliding with is located in Maharashtra. If you want to fly like a bird than you can visit Pavana in March & April. Here you will get amazing adventure experience. There are many tourist attractions are located in Maharashtra such as Mathern, Chowpatty BEach, Mahableshwar, Haji Ali’s Mosque, Mahalaxmi Temple, Khandala, Marine Drive and Lonavala.

Pavana Kamshet:

5. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is a town in Karnataka which is a best place for Paragliding, located 68 kms away from Bangalore. Interesting point is that, you can reach Bangalore’s Hebbal lake during paragliding. Nandi Hills also known as Nandidurg which total elevation is 1,478 m. If you want to get Amazing fly experience like a bird then you can visit at Nandi Hills.

Nandi Hills:

6. Bedini Bugyal

Bedini Bugyal

Bedini Bugyal is one of the best place for Paragliding which is located at Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India. Here you can see an amazing view of the Himalayan Mountains, perfect for high flyers. Moreover, manhy other places available here which are a great attraction for tourist like Bedni Kund or lake, Brahma Kamal, etc.

Bedini Bugyal:

7. Yelagiri


Yelagiri commonly known as hill station which best known for Paragliding offers an amazing view. It is situated in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Here is a paragliding club which provides professional equipment and instructors. Club also hosts an International festival in September to people enjoyment. As per find information, currently three landing and take off points located at heights of 450, 560 and 600 meters above ground level.


8. Shillong


Shillong is a city which is also popular as hill station, situated in Meghalaya. Its total elevation is 1,525 m and also best known for Paragliding, provides an amazing view. It is a beautiful place which surrounded by walking trails. Moreover, many other tourist attraction available here like manicured gardens at Lady Hydari Park, Mountains, Elephant Falls, etc. It is situated in 64.36 km2 total area where more 143K people lives.


9. Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach

Goa commonly famed as romantic place where which surrounded by many beaches and another places. Arambol Beach is a beautiful destination situated in Goa that offers an amazing breathtaking experience. A huge crowed you can see here who comes to enjoyment. If you are not trained glider then you don’t need to worry. Here you will get professional glider who will guide you well.

Arambol Beach:

10. Aravalli Hills

Aravalli Hills

Aravalli Hills is popular hill station which best known for adventure sports like Paragliding, BUngee Jumping, Kayaking, Glacier Climbing, etc. If you want to fly like a bird you can visit here to get amazing experience. This station is situated in Rajasthan. Many cities of Rajasthan offers paragliding for tourists like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Kota.

Aravalli Hills:



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