List of Best Healthy Homemade Drinks for Summer

Are you looking for a refreshing way to hit the sweet spot with family this summer, then you are on right way! In this post we are listing healthy homemade drinks for summer which are the best idea and cool way to stay hydrated during this hot season. These desi homemade drinks full of energy and nutrition will leave you just as satisfied, minus the calories.

Best Healthy Homemade Drinks for Summer List

1. Spinach Cucumber Smoothie

Spinach Cucumber Smoothie

This wonderful and super tasty smoothie consists of multiple healthy ingredients like cucumber, lime juice, pine apple, and spinach. Taking it daily will help with easy and complete detoxification of your body.

Spinach Cucumber Smoothie:

2. Southern Style Sweet Tea

Southern Style Sweet Tea

Southern Style Sweet Tea is a traditional drink and very energetic for summer. This is the best refreshing drink for hot seasons. You can make this sweet tea at your home by follow some easy steps. Ingredients of tea are 1 lemon, chilled water, honey, slice and fresh mint leaves. Tea provide you a instant energy in hot season with 0 calory.

Southern Style Sweet Tea:

3. Orange Creamsicle Float

Orange Creamsicle Float

Orange Creamsicle Float is a healthy summer drinks your kids love the taste of this drink. This is a energetic drink with a one sip of this drink you feel very refreshing. Ingredients of Orange Creamsicle Float are 2 small scoops of good quality vanilla ice cream, Good quality orange soda and Whipped cream.

Orange Creamsicle Float:

4. Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade is a very tasty drink for summers which can be made at home very easily. Watermelon is a best fruit for summer. This is a very healthy drink that is very refreshing in summer. If you add little vodka in this drink it become a adult cocktail. The ingredients to make watermelon lemonade are 6 cups cubed seedless watermelon, 4 cups cold water, 3/4 cup fresh strained lemon juice2/3 cup granulated sugar and Ice and fresh mint for serving.

Watermelon Lemonade:

5. Orange Sports Drink

Orange Sports Drink

Orange Sports Drink is a electrolyte rich drink that is 100% natural. This is a perfect drink to staying hydrated during summer workout. After hard workout you can enjoy this refreshing drink without concern for your health. You can make this refreshing drink at your home by using 1 quart of water, 2 tablespoons honey or pure maple syrup, 1/2 teaspoon of Sea salt, 1 pint no sugar added orange juice, Juice from one lemon.

Orange Sports Drink:

6. Sattu Drink

Sattu Drink

Sattu is a popular flour in U.P and Bihar. This is a traditional drink that is full of energy and nutrition. This is a homemade desi drink that helps to clean our digestive system and remove all toxins. You can make this drink at home very easily by using roasted gram flour, roasted cumin powder, lemon juice, black salt, water and sugar.

Sattu Drink:

7. Bel Sharbat (Wood Apple Juice Juice)

Bel Sharbat (Wood Apple Juice Juice)

Bel Sharbat (Wood Apple Juice Juice) is a popular summer drink in India. This is a very tasty and healthy drink in hot season that provide a instant energy. This drink boost your immune system, given relief from piles and kill bacteria. This is made by beating the seeded pulp of Bael mixed with the water. It is a good source of vitamin C, iron, tannis and protein.

Bel Sharbat (Wood Apple Juice Juice):

8. Musk Melon Juice

Musk Melon Juice

Musk Melon Juice is known as Kharbuja in Hindi. This is a best summer drink to get instant energy. The juice full of high fiber and anti oxidant which helps in controlling blood pressure. Musk melon juice reduces the heat from the body. Juice also contains various minerals salts that helps to grow hair, healthy skin and nails.

Musk Melon Juice:

9. Rose Milk Drink

Rose Milk Drink

Rose Milk drink is a healthy drink that reduces heat from the body in summer. Taste of this drink is very yummy. You feel refreshing with one sip of this drink. You can make Rose Milk drink at your home easily by using some ingredients like rose syrup, sabia seeds and milk.

Rose Milk Drink:

10. Cold Green Tea

Cold Green Tea

Cold Green Tea is the best drink to provide instant energy and refreshment. In summer it helps you to reduce the heat from the body and control blood pressure. Cold Green tea also helps in losing wait. You can make cold green tea at home by using these ingredients such as liquid cane sugar, lemongrass, lemon verbena, potassium sorbate etc.

Cold Green Tea:

11. Lassi


Lassi is a popular traditional drink of India for summer. This is a best drink in summer that refreshing you. It is prepared by blending yogurt with water with added salt. You can make sweet lassi by using the ingredients such as sugar, rosewater and/or lemon, strawberry or other fruit juices. It is a good source of probiotics, improve calcium, boost immune system, remove stomach problems,


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