List of Hair Salon and Beauty Parlors in Berlin

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Facing a problem with your hair and searching for the best hair saloon in Berlin. Here we have created a list of hair saloon and beauty parlors in Berlin where you can visit and get trending hair styles.

Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is the largest city of Germany. The population of Berlin growing steadily and now is approximately 3.7 million. Today’s generation of Berlin is very stylish. Hair cutting and looks of beard is also a type of style. Man, Woman and children having their own style of hairs.
Here we are presenting the list of best Hair salons and Beauty parlors in Berlin.

Hair Salon and Beauty Parlors in Berlin List
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    1. 1. Catwalk - Hairfashion

      Catwalk - Hairfashion

      Catwalk is the best hair cutting destination in the Berlin. Here is very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, all the staff is very good and live in discipline. The address is Albrechtstr -7, Berlin 10117,Germany. It is very busy salon, mostly same day appointment are not available here. So always book few day advance on the contact Phone number +49 30 27594565

      Catwalk - Hairfashion:

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    2. 2. Wild Hair

      Wild Hair

      Wild Hair is located in Prenzlauer Allee 195A, 10405, Berlin, Germany. Also you can get appointment on the Phone number +49 30 47372316. It is the best place in Berlin to give style your hair. Both the Ladies and Gents staff is very good and have well discipline manner. Their talking and working style is very pleasure.

      Wild Hair:

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    3. 3. Haarwerkstatt


      Haarwerkstatt is the destination to change your face look by using different-different hair style. It is situated in Alte Schönhauser Str. 42, 10119, Berlin, Germany. You can also get an appointment online.


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    4. 4. Hairlounge


      Hairlounge is located in the Katzbachstr. 1a, 10965 Berlin, Germany. Here you can get an appointment on Phone number +49 30 78893148. The staff is very nice and helpful. The staff can also speak in English language. So it is the best place for hair cutting.


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    5. 5. Friseursalon Nasrin

      Friseursalon Nasrin

      Friseursalon Nasrin is located in Kolonnenstr. 51, 10829, Berlin, Germany. Here you can get immediate service after walk-in, perfect work, washing and cutting, plus got offered great coffee. Here you can get an appointment on Phone number +49 30 7827179.

      Friseursalon Nasrin:

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    6. 6. MINE


      MINE is excellent hair cutting salon located in Pucklerstr, 18, 10997, Berlin, Germany. This hair salon is always up to date, always very precise for an amazing price. You can contact on Phone number +49 30 47054824.


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    7. 7. Die Kammerei

      Die Kammerei

      Die Kammerei is the hair salon located in Gneisenaustr. 65, 10961, Berlin, Germany. Here you can contact on +49 30 34711813. This salon closed on every Tuesday and Sunday. It is the best salon for hair cutting.

      Die Kammerei:

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    8. 8. Schlumilu


      Schlumilu hair salon is located in Pannierstr. 28, 12047, Berlin, Germany. This is the great new hair dresser and price also in medium range. You can contact on +49 30 62988841 for any query. All the staff is well disciplined and punctual.


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    9. 9. House of Hair

      House of Hair

      House of hair is very popular hair salon as well as beauty parlor located in Alte Schönhauser, Str. 29, 10119, Berlin, Germany. The contact phone no. is +49 30 2821212. All the staff is experienced with Marta. She is very experienced lady, knew what exactly to do with face look.

      House of Hair:

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    10. 10. MU - Hair Salons

      MU - Hair Salons

      MU is best place where you can get best hair cut design taht make you differ from others. The address is Linienstr. 154a 10115 Berlin, Germany. You can also get an appointment on contact no. 030 97005704. All the staff is very good and more creative. It have good space and peaceful atmosphere inside it.

      MU - Hair Salons:

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