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List of Greatest Hollywood Epic Movies of All Time

Updated: January 24, 2020 By: Wikilistia Staff

Here i am going to create a list of Greatest Hollywood Epic Movies of All Time. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

Greatest Hollywood Epic Movies of All Time List
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    1. 1. Saving Private Ryan

      Saving Private Ryan

      Skipper John Miller (Tom Hanks) takes his men behind the enemy lines to discover Private James Ryan, whose three siblings have been executed in battle. Encompassed by the severe realities of war, while looking for Ryan, each man sets out upon an individual excursion and finds their own solidarity to triumph over a questionable future with respect, goodness and mental fortitude.

      Saving Private Ryan: (1998)

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    2. 2. The Batman

      The Batman

      The Batman is a superb Hollywood upcoming movie based on marvel characters. In this film you can watch a great story with lots of action, adventure, fantasy and thriller.

      The Batman: Hollywood Movie

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    3. 3. Forrest Gump

      Forrest Gump

      Slow-witted Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) has never thought of himself as hindered, and gratitude to his strong mother (Sally Field), he drives anything besides a limited life. In the case of overwhelming on the field as a school football star, battling in Vietnam or captaining a shrimp boat, Forrest moves individuals with his uncorrupt idealism. In any case, one individual Forrest thinks about most might be the hardest to save - his youth love, the sweet, however, grieved Jenny (Robin Wright).

      Forrest Gump: (1994)

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    4. 4. Dances with Wolves

      Dances with Wolves

      A Civil War fighter builds up an association with a band of Lakota Indians. Pulled in by the effortlessness of their way of life, he decides to desert his previous life to be with them. Having watched him, they give the name Dances With Wolves. Before long he is an invited individual from the clan and becomes hopelessly enamoured with a white lady who has been brought up in the clan. Catastrophe results when Union troopers land with evil plans on the land.

      Dances with Wolves: (1990)

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    5. 5. Avatar


      On the lavish alien universe of Pandora live the Na'vi, creatures who seem crude, however, are profoundly advanced. Since the planet's condition is toxic, human/Na' vi hybrids, called Avatars, must connect to human personalities to consider free development on Pandora. Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paralyzed previous Marine, becomes versatile again through one such Avatar and begins to look all starry eyed at a Na' vi lady (Zoe Saldana). As a bond with her develops, he is brought into a fight for the survival of her world.

      Avatar: (2009)

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    6. 6. Letters from Iwo Jima

      Letters from Iwo Jima

      Since a long time, ago covered letters from the island uncover the tales of the Japanese soldiers who battled and died there during World War II. Among them are Saigo (Kazunari Ninomiya), a baker; Baron Nishi (Tsuyoshi Ihara), an Olympic victor; and Shimizu (Ryô Kase), a hopeful soldier. Despite the fact that Lt. Gen. Tadamichi Kuribayashi (Ken Watanabe) knows he and his men have essentially no possibility of survival, he utilizes his remarkable military aptitudes to hold off American soldiers to the extent that this would be possible.

      Letters from Iwo Jima: (2006)

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    7. 7. Schindler’s List

      Schindler’s List

      Agent Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) lands in Krakow in 1939, prepared to make his fortune from World War II, which has recently begun. Subsequent to joining the Nazi party principally for political practicality, he sets up his manufacturing plant with Jewish specialists for correspondingly even-minded reasons. At the point when the SS starts eliminating Jews in the Krakow ghetto, Schindler masterminds to have his labourers secured to keep his industrial facility inactivity, yet before long understands that in this manner, he is additionally saving innocent lives.

      Schindler’s List: (1993)

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    8. 8. The Ten Commandments

      The Ten Commandments

      Enjoying a life of ease in the court of Egypt's pharaoh, Moses (Charlton Heston) finds his Hebrew legacy and, later, God's desires for him. He devotes himself to freeing his kin from bondage and with the aid of plagues and divine intervention figures out how to lead them out of Egypt and over the Red Sea. A more prominent test comes in the form of the golden calf idol, be that as it may, and it takes an exceptional appearance by God on Mount Sinai for Moses' strategic win.

      The Ten Commandments: (1956)

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    9. 9. Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

      Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

      The Imperial Forces - compelled from coldblooded Darth Vader (David Prowse) - hold Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) prisoner, in their endeavours to control the insubordination to the Galactic Empire. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford), skipper of the Millennium Falcon, cooperate with the amicable droid pair R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) to protect the wonderful princess, help the Rebel Alliance, and reestablish freedom and justice to the Galaxy.

      Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope: (1977)

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    10. 10. The Bridge on the River Kwai

      The Bridge on the River Kwai

      English POWs are requested by their Japanese captors to build a bridge of key significance and are glad to harm and postpone the advancement until their bosses order them to proceed with the work unhindered to its completion, yet are his activities equivalent to teaming up with the enemy?

      The Bridge on the River Kwai: (1957)

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    11. 11. Lawrence of Arabia

      Lawrence of Arabia

      Because of his insight into the local Bedouin clans, British Lieutenant T.E. Lawrence (Peter O\'Toole) is sent to Arabia to discover Prince Faisal (Alec Guinness) and fill in as a contact between the Arabs and the British in their battle against the Turks. With the guide of local Sherif Ali (Omar Sharif), Lawrence defies the orders of his superior officer and strikes out on a challenging camel venture over the cruel desert to assault a well-watched Turkish port.

      Lawrence of Arabia: (1962)

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    12. 12. Braveheart


      William Wallace is the medieval Scottish loyalist who is prodded into a rebel against the English when the affection for his life is butchered. Driving his military into fights that become a war, his development into England undermines King Edward I\'s position of authority before he is caught and executed, however not before turning into an image for a free Scotland.

      Braveheart: (1995)

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    13. 13. Gladiator


      Set in the Roman era, the account of a once-incredible general compelled to turn into a typical gladiator. The ruler\'s child is maddened when he is ignored as the beneficiary for his dad's preferred general. He executes his dad and organizes the homicide of the general\'s family, and the general is sold into slavery to be prepared as a gladiator - however, his ensuing notoriety in the arena threatens the throne.

      Gladiator: (2000)

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    14. 14. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

      Monty Python and the Holy Grail

      A comedic send-up of the horrid conditions of the Middle Ages as recounted through the narrative of King Arthur and confined by a modern-day murder investigation. At the point when the legendary lord of the Britons drives his knights on a journey for the Holy Grail, they face a wide cluster of revulsions, including an industrious Black Knight, a three-headed mammoth, a unit of greenery tested knights, the hazardous Castle Anthrax, a killer rabbit, a place of virgins, and a bunch of inconsiderate Frenchmen.

      Monty Python and the Holy Grail: (1975)

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    15. 15. Planet of the Apes

      Planet of the Apes

      Complex sociological themes go through this sci-fi classic around three space explorers marooned on a cutting edge planet where primates rule and people are slaves. The staggered trio finds that these profoundly savvy simians can both walk upstanding and talk. They have even settled a class framework and a political structure. The space travellers out of nowhere get themselves part of a devalued species, caught and detained by the gorillas.

      Planet of the Apes: (1968)

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    16. 16. Ben-Hur


      An epic dramatization about a noble Jew living in Judaea who causes the anger of a beloved companion, presently a Roman tribune. Albeit constrained into slavery on a kitchen and constrained to observe the cruel persecution of his family, he endures, harbouring dreams of retaliation. A battle at sea and a chariot race are among the significant successions. The film utilized 300 sets at Rome's Cinecitta Studios and won a record 11 Oscars.

      Ben-Hur: (1959)

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    17. 17. The Mummy

      The Mummy

      The Mummy is an energizing, thrilling and frightening epic about an expedition of treasure-seeking explorers in the Sahara Desert in 1925. Discovering an antiquated tomb, the trackers accidentally set free a 3,000-year-old heritage of dread, which is epitomized in the vindictive resurrection of an Egyptian priest who had been condemned to an eternity as one of the living dead.

      The Mummy: (1999)

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    18. 18. Raiders of the Lost Ark

      Raiders of the Lost Ark

      An epic story in which a fearless archaeologist attempts to beat a band of Nazis to a unique religious relic which is vital to their arrangements for global control. Engaging against a snake fear and a vindictive ex-girlfriend, Indiana Jones is in steady risk, making hair's-breadth escapes every step of the way in this celebration of the innocent adventure movies of an earlier era.

      Raiders of the Lost Ark: (1981)

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    19. 19. Troy


      In light of Homer's "Iliad," this epic depicts the fight between the ancient kingdoms of Troy and Sparta. While visiting Spartan King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), Trojan ruler Paris (Orlando Bloom) falls for Menelaus' wife, Helen (Diane Kruger), and returns her to Troy. Menelaus' sibling, King Agamemnon (Brian Cox), having just crushed each military in Greece, utilizes his sibling's anger as a pretext to proclaim war against Troy, the last kingdom preventing his control over the Aegean Sea.

      Troy: (2004)

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    20. 20. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

      The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

      The climax of almost 10 years' work the end to Peter Jackson's epic set of three dependent on the immortal J.R.R. Tolkien great, "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" exhibits the last encounter between the powers of good and wickedness battling for control of the future of Middle-earth. Hobbits Frodo and Sam reach Mordor in their journey to wreck the 'one ring', while Aragorn drives the powers of good against Sauron's malevolent armed force at the stone city of Minas Tirith.

      The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King: (2003)

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