Good Friday 2022 List

List of Good Friday 2022

Hey guys, here we are going to upload the Good Friday 2022 List for you. Good Friday is a major festival of the Christian community. It usually falls in the month of April every year as per the Gregorian calendar. The day marks Jesus’ crucifixion and death at Calvary. Through his death, Christians believe that all their sins were forgiven.

Undoubtedly, it is Christ’s sacrifice for the welfare of humanity that saved them from punishment from God the father. Christians, therefore, celebrate this selfless sacrifice on Good Friday. Below you can check the complete list of Good Friday 2022 with also the date of till the 10 years.

Good Friday 2022 List

The date of Good Friday for the years 2021‑2031

Year Holiday or Observance Weekday Date
2021 Good Friday Friday
2022 Good Friday Friday
2023 Good Friday Friday
2024 Good Friday Friday
2025 Good Friday Friday
2026 Good Friday Friday
2027 Good Friday Friday
2028 Good Friday Friday
2029 Good Friday Friday
2030 Good Friday Friday
2031 Good Friday Friday

In the United States of America, Good Friday is not a federal holiday. However, most Christians close their businesses to observe the day. Most banks, government offices, public schools, and financial markets are open on Good Friday but closed on Easter Sunday. Therefore above we have listed the Good Friday 2022 List for you. If you have any queries related to this list then you can comment below in the comment box.



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