Updated August 7, 2019

List of Best Food Trucks in Montreal 2018

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A large vehicle which equipped to cook and serves food, called as Food Truck. There are many types of Food Trucks which offers tasty food like Sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, and other regional fast food.

Here, we are going to create a list as “Best Food Trucks in Montreal 2018”. People who are interested to know about which are the Best Food Trucks in Montreal, they need to stuck on this article.

9 Best Food Trucks in Montreal 2018 (2020 Updated List)

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    Queen B Bol Burrito is one of the best food truck that offers tasty food for its lovers. In terms of features, this truck inspired by a myriad of world cuisines. As per find information it is best known for its ginger and hibiscus lemonade.


    Le Cheese Truck also known as a best Food Truck in Montreal that offers stunning food and best known for classic grilled cheese, tomato soup, tater tots, etc. If you are living in Montreal and want to eat some tasty food then don't forget to eat Le Cheese Truck's food.


    Damon Food Truck is a nice food Truck that offers an amazing food like butter chicken poutine, Cup of tea, Naan bread, Mango Lassi, etc. If you want to eat some hot & spicy food, you can visit at Damon Food Truck.


    Landry & Filles is best food truck which is best known for its snacks. Moreover, he also serves many types of French food for people. Its meatloaf sandwich is so good which is an unsuspecting meatloaf for meatloaf lover. According to us, you need to try it once.


    Dim Sum food truck also known as MTL food truck which best known for its delicious food. If you want to try something spicy food, you can visit at Dim Sum to get dumplings in your mouth.

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    Le Tuk Tuk

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    Le Tuk Tuk is look like a fun place that offers amazing food in the street of Montreal. It is specialised for Mango salad, papaya salad and many other things. As per find information, Le Tik Tuk is best known for its food making process.


    Phoenix is also best food truck that offers spicy food like Cajun-inspired burritos, quesadillas, tacos, catfish, etc. If you want to eat some tasty then you can visit at Phoenix Truck food which best known for its food like naan bread wraps and sandwiches.


    Das Food Truck also listed in the list of Best food trucks of Montreal which mainly known for German ingredients combine with Quebec classic. Also enjoy here taste of crispy fried chicken, sausages and sauerkraut with reasonable prices.


    Grumman 78 Food Truck is one of the famous vehicle from last three years. In terms of its highlights, it is best known for the Bahn Mi pork, lamb curry, and a veggie feta pimento concoction. So, Montrealers can visit here to eat their favourite food.