Famous Political Leaders in Eastern UP

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Wikilistia has listed the famous political leaders in Eastern UP. This list has been prepared after analysing many sources of information. These political leaders of eastern UP are also well known in all over India. As you know that there are several Bollywood and Bhojpuri stars who are debuted into politics. So this list also contains some of those famous actors in politics who has come in limelight through politics in eastern UP. Dinesh Lal Yadav and Ravi Kishan are some of those popular political leaders of eastern UP who very popular among the people.
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Famous Political Leaders in Eastern UP [List]
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    1. 1. Dinesh Lal Yadav

      Dinesh Lal Yadav

      Dinesh Lal Yadavwas born on 2nd February 1979, Ghazipur he is also known as Nirahua. Dinesh Lal Yadav is a film producer, television presenter, and politician. Dinesh Lal yadav is member of Bhartiya Janta Party. He is contested in Loksabha election 2019 from Gorakhpur but lost his seat. He is most successful Bhojpuri actors, with successive five box office successes released in 2015.

      Dinesh Lal Yadav:

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    2. 2. Ravi kishan

      Ravi kishan

      Ravi Kishan was born on 17 July 1969, Santacruz Mumbai. Ravi Kishan real name is Ravindra Shyamnarayan Shukla. Ravi Kishan is presently member of Parliament from Gorakhpur Loksabha Constituency. He is actor in Bhojpuri Cinema and Hindi Cinema. He has also acted in some Telugu films. His spouse name is Preeti Kishan. His upcoming film is Hera Pheri3, Darbar.

      Ravi kishan:

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    3. 3. Mahender Nath pandey

      Mahender Nath pandey

      Mahender Nath Pandey was born on 14 October 1957, Ghazipur. He is member of Lok Sabha from Chandouli since 2014. He is member of Bhartiya janta Party and president of Utter Pradesh unit. He has also served as Union Minister of State for Ministry of Human Resource Development between 2016 and 2017.

      Mahender Nath pandey: Chandouli

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    4. 4. Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Raja Bhaiya)

      Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Raja Bhaiya)

      Raghuraj Pratap Sigh was born on 31 October 1968 Kunda. He is six time Independent MLA from his native local assembly constituency Kunda, Utter Pradesh. He was cabinet minister in Akhilesh Government. His spouse name is Bhanvi Kumari. He has two son and two daughter.

      Raghuraj Pratap Singh (Raja Bhaiya): Pratap Garh

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    5. 5. Ravindra Kushwaha

      Ravindra Kushwaha

      Ravindra Kushwaha was born on 1st December 1962,Deoria. His party name is Bhartiya Janta Party. He is member of Loksabha since 2014. He is son of former MP Harikewal Prasad.

      Ravindra Kushwaha: Salempur

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    6. 6. Sanatan Pandey

      Sanatan Pandey

      Sanatan Pandey contesting from BALLIA in Lok Sabha Elections. He is one time member of Legislative Assembly from Chilakhar Vidhan Sabha. After that he contested from Rasra Vidhan Sabha but he lost his seat. At Rasra Constituency BSP candidate Uma Shankar Singh won.

      Sanatan Pandey: Ballia

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    7. 7. Kesari Nath tripathi

      Kesari Nath tripathi

      Kesari Nath Tripathi was born on 10th November 1934, Prayagraj. He is the former Governor of West Bengal. Kesari Nath tripathi take oath as Governor of West Bengal on 24 July 2014 and as Governor of Bihar on 27 November, same year.

      Kesari Nath tripathi: Praygraj

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    8. 8. Manoj Sinha

      Manoj Sinha

      Manoj Sinha was born on 1st July1959, Ghazipur. Sinha is a three-time Bharatiya Janata Party member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha, representing Ghazipur in the Lower House. His spouse name is Shreemati Neelam Sinha. He has done his education from Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, Banaras Hindu University.

      Manoj Sinha: Ghazipur

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    9. 9. Sh.Narender Modi

      Sh.Narender Modi

      Narender Modi was born on 17th September 1950, Vadnagar. He serving as the 14th and current Prime Minister of India since 2014. He was the Chief Minister of Gujrat from 2001-2013. He is member of Parliament from Varanasi Constituency. He is two time MP. He is most popular leader in the world.

      Sh.Narender Modi:

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    10. 10. Atiq Ahmad

      Atiq Ahmad

      Atiq Ahmad was born on 10th August 1962, Prayagraj. He was an SP member of the 14th Lok Sabha from the Phulpur in Uttar Pradesh. From 1999-2003 he was the president of the Apna Dal, founded by Sone Lal Patel. His spouse name is Shaista Parveen. Atiq Ahmad is Bahubali Leader in Allahabad.

      Atiq Ahmad: Indian Politician

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    11. 11. Keshav Prasad Mourya

      Keshav Prasad Mourya

      Keshav Prasad Mourya was born on 7th May 1969, Sirathu. He is the deputy chief minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He is member of BJP and contested 2014 general election from Phulpur Parlianmentry Constituency and won it.

      Keshav Prasad Mourya: Depuity Chief Minister, Utter Pradesh

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    12. 12. Amar mani Tripathi

      Amar mani Tripathi

      Amra Mani Tripathi wasborn on 14 February 1956, Dhumkot. He has been MLA from Noutanva, Gorakhpur four times. He and his wife are currently serving a life sentence in the Madhumita Shukla murder case with conspiracy to murder. His wife name Madhumani Tripathi and he has two son Aman Mani Tripathi and Ajit mani Tripathi.

      Amar mani Tripathi: Gorakhpur

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    13. 13. Nasimuddin Siddiqui

      Nasimuddin Siddiqui

      Nasimuddin Siddiqui was born on 4th June 1959. Nasimuddin Siddiqui is a member of Indian national congress, formerly a prominent member of Bahujan Samaj Party. He was expelled by BSP chief Mayawati on 10 May 2017 due to big Loose in Utter Pradesh Legislative assembly.

      Nasimuddin Siddiqui:

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    14. 14. Ajay Rai

      Ajay Rai

      Ajai Rai is born on 7th October 1969.Ajai Rai is member of Indian National Congress since 2012. He was the nominee in general election in 2014 in Varanasi Assembly but he lost his seat. He is a five time MLA in Varanasi. His parents name is Parvati Devi Rai and Serender Rai.

      Ajay Rai: Varanasi, Utter Pradesh

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    15. 15. Mohd Jiyauddin Rizvi

      Mohd Jiyauddin Rizvi

      Mohd. Jiauddin Rizvi well known as Vidhayak ji. He is two term Member of Legislative Assembly from Sikanderpur Vidhansabha, Ballia. He is among one of the oldest samajwadi leaders from eastern UP. He joined politics at an early age and was close to Samajwadi Party head Mulayam Singh Yadav since inception.Bor on Siwankala, Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, India

      Mohd Jiyauddin Rizvi: Sikanderpur Ballia

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    16. 16. Ram Gobind Choudhary

      Ram Gobind Choudhary

      Ram Gobind Choudhary was born on 9 July 1953, Ballia. His party name is Samajwadi Party. He served as Opposition Leader in Utter Pradesh Legislative Assembly since 2017. He is Member of Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh from the Bansdih assembly seat, Ballia. He had closely worked with Jayaprakash Narayan and Chandra Shekhar. He is one of the close associate of Samajwadi Party president Mulayam Singh Yadav.

      Ram Gobind Choudhary:

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    17. 17. Neeraj Sekhar

      Neeraj Sekhar

      Neeraj Sekhar was born 10th November 1968, Ballia. He is son of the former prime minister Chandra Sekhar and Duja Devi. Due to death of Chandra Sekhar, he elected as MP of Samajwadi Party in 2007 elecction from Ballia Losabha Constituency . Presently he has join BJP, he is elected as MP of Rajyasabha.

      Neeraj Sekhar:

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    18. 18. Rajnath Singh

      Rajnath Singh

      Rajnath Singh was born on 10th July 1951, Chandauli. He is the former president of Bhartiya Janta Party. Presently he is foreign minister in Government of India. He has previously served as the chief minister of India and as a cabinet minister in Vajpayee Government.

      Rajnath Singh: Indian Politician

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    19. 19. Mukhtar Ansari

      Mukhtar Ansari

      Mukhtar Ansari was born on 30 june 1963, Ghazipur. He has been elected as member of Legislative Assembly from Mau Constituency a record five times. He was prime accused in Krishnanad Rai murder case. His party name is Qaimi Akta Dal. He has two child Abbas Ansari, Umar Ansari.

      Mukhtar Ansari:

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    20. 20. Hari Shankar Tiwari

      Hari Shankar Tiwari

      It was history in Indian Political History, Hari Shankar Tiwari was first to elect Legistature from prison. He is elected from Chilpur, he remained a member of the legislative assembly for 23 years continuously. He has been cabinet minister at the state assembly in several government. Tiwari has several relatives in senior positions in the Bahujan Samaj Party. His son Bhishma Shanker Tiwari, was Member of Parliament, Sant Kabir Nagar seat west of Gorakhpur. His son Vinay Shanka Tiwari he is currently MLA from Chillpur.

      Hari Shankar Tiwari: Gorakhpur

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