Top Encounter Specialist in India List

Hello Guys! today we are introduced you with real life ‘Singhams’ in Indian police force by creating the list of top encounter specialist in Indian police force who have done many miracles on Duty. These police men have killed many gangsters on duty.

Here we are listing top encounter specialists in Indian police force with name and images.

Top Encounter Specialist in India List

1. Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma is the most feared encounter specialist in India. He is a best police officer of Mumbai encounter squad and killed around 312 gangsters in encounter. Mumbai police dismissed him from police force on 31st August 2008 for involvement in corruption but he rejoined on 16th August 2017 after he proved innocent.

Pradeep Sharma: Indian Encounter Specialist

2. Daya Nayak

Daya Nayak

Daya Nayak is a police officer of Maharashtra police who joined police force in 1995. He is one of the popular encounter specialist in India who killed around 80 gangsters of Mumbai underworld. In 2006 he was temporarily suspended by Mumbai government due to some corruption involvement but Anti-Corruption Bureau couldn’t find any evidence against him.

Daya Nayak: Indian Encounter Specialist

3. Praful Bhonsale

Praful Bhonsale

Praful Bhonsale is a famous encounter specialist of Mumbai police. He is popularly known as killing machine in Indian police force. He has killed 90 criminals in his career. Arif Kalia and Chhota Shakeel was his most famous encounters.

Praful Bhonsale: Indian Encounter Specialist

4. Vijay Salaskar

Vijay Salaskar

Vijay Salaskar is a famous encounter specialist in India serving with the Mumbai police. Salaskar killed around 80 gangsters in encounter on duty. He was also honored with Ashoka Chakra on 26th January 2018. He joined Mumbai police as a Sub-Inspector in 1983.

Vijay Salaskar: Indian Encounter Specialist

5. Sachin Waze

Sachin Waze

Sachin Hindurao Vaze was former police officer of Maharashtra police. He is a best encounter specialist in Mumbai encounter squad. He killed more than 63 gangsters in his career. Vaze joined Maharashtra police force in 1990 as a police officer and resigned on 30th November 2007.

Sachin Waze: Indian Encounter Specialist

6. Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar is one of the famous encounter specialist in Uttar Pradesh police force. He faced 60 encounters in his career and killed 56 gangsters in UP. He belongs to Bihar’s Begu Sarai district. He cleared IPS and serving in Lucknow as a SSP.

Deepak Kumar: Indian Encounter Specialist

7. Annant Dev

Annant Dev

Annant Dev is a famous SSP serving with Faizabad police force. He is popularly known for killed the dread don Dadua from Chambal while he was the part of the STF. He has done more than 60 encounters in chambal region.

Annant Dev: Indian Encounter Specialist

8. Mohan Chand Sharma

Mohan Chand Sharma

Mohan Chand Sharma was a Indian police inspector who served in Delhi police force. Sharma won 7 gallantry medals in his career. He also honored with Ashoka Chakra award on 26th January 2009 by Indian government. He killed around 40 gangsters in his career.

Mohan Chand Sharma: Indian Encounter Specialist

9. Ravindranath Angre

Ravindranath Angre

Ravindranath Angre is a popular encounter specialist in Indian whoo have done many encounters in his career. He killed total 33 gangsters in Mumbai and 21 criminals in Thane district. He is a best police officer serving in Maharashtra police force.

Ravindranath Angre: Indian Encounter Specialist

10. Rajbir Singh

Rajbir Singh

Rajbir Singh is a famous police officer serving with the Delhi police force. He promoted on ACP rank in just 13 years of serving. He done many encounters in his career in which he killed 50 gangsters. He is popular known as encounter machine in Delhi police force.

Rajbir Singh: Indian Encounter Specialist



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