List of PKL 2018 – Dabang Delhi Team Players 2018

Dabang Delhi team players 2018 has been auctioned for upcoming Pro Kababddi League of this year. PKL is founded by Mashal Sports promoted by Anand Mahindra, Charu Sharma and Rajiv Luthra. The first season was held in 2014 with eight teams. After that organisation add 4 more teams in this league. Dabang Delhi K.C. is on of the most important team of PKL. It is the Pro Kabaddi League.
Here we are presenting the list of Dabang Delhi K.C. team players PKL 2018 with Auction Price.

PKL 2018 – Dabang Delhi Team Players 2018 List

1. Chandran Ranjit

Chandran Ranjit

Chandran Ranjit is the best player of team Dabang Delhi K.C. He was born on 7 June 1991. He played 42 matches in his carrier in which he got total point 216. He is the best raider of Dabang Delhi team. Mrs. Radha Kapoor Khanna bought Chandran Ranjit  at Rs. 70 lakh.

Chandran Ranjit: Indian Kabaddi Player

2. Kamal Kishor Jat

Kamal Kishor Jat

Kamal Kishor Jat is the new player in the Dabang Delhi. His auction price is 8 lakh and bought by Dabang Delhi. He was born on 13 July 1991. He is in the category of Raider in the team.

Kamal Kishor Jat: Indian Kabaddi Player

3. Khomsan Thongkham

Khomsan Thongkham

Khomsan Thongkham is the player of Thailand comes in the category of raider in Dabang Delhi team. The auction price of Khomsan Thongkham is 8 lakh and now he is in the team Dabang Delhi. He was born on 10 August 1992.

Khomsan Thongkham: Thai Kabaddi Player

4. Vishal Mane

Vishal Mane

Vishal Mane is the best player of Dabang Delhi having auction price Rs. 45 lakh. He was born on 21 September 1985. He is the defender and cover right position in the ground. He played 83 matches in his carrier and scored total 132 points.

Vishal Mane: Indian Kabaddi Player

5. Viraj Vishnu Landge

Viraj Vishnu Landge

Viraj Landge was born on 15 October 1993. He is the best defender from the team Dabang Delhi and cover left in the ground. He bought by owner in the price of Rs 25 Lakh. He played 19 matches and scored total 16 point and 16 tackle point.

Viraj Vishnu Landge: Indian Kabaddi Player

6. Pawan Kumar Kadian

Pawan Kumar Kadian

Pawan Kumar is the best raider having auction price 20 lakh. He ws born on 11 October 1994. He played 55 matches in his PKL career and got 209 point. He got 2 green card in his career.

Pawan Kumar Kadian: Indian Kabaddi Player

7. Shabeer Bappu

Shabeer Bappu

Shabeer Bapu is a good raider play 54 matches in his PKL career. He have the total point 200 in his career. He was born on 3 August 1986. Till now in his 54 matches he got only single green card and single yellow card.

Shabeer Bappu: Indian Kabaddi Player

8. Siddharth


Siddharth is the Dabang Delhi’s all rounder bought by owner in 12 Lakh for the season 2018. He is the best all rounder. He played 21 matches in PKL career and scored 31 points. He was born on 19 November 1996.

Siddharth: Indian Kabaddi Player

9. Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar is the defender of Dabang Delhi and field in ground to the right. He bought by Delhi kabaddi team 2019 owner at Rs. 20 Lakh for the PKL season 7. H e was born on 15 June 1991. He played total 38 matches in his career and earned 54 points.

Anil Kumar: Indian Kabaddi Player

10. Yogesh Hooda

Yogesh Hooda

Yogesh Hooda is the player who got successful career in his 2017 season. He bought by Dabang Delhi owner in 8 lakh. he play as a raider in the Dabang Delhi team.

Yogesh Hooda: Indian Kabaddi Player

11. Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar is the raider of Dabang Delhi. Naveen Kumar bought by the owner of Dabang Delhi K.C. Team in 6.6 lakh. He is very talented and experienced player.

Naveen Kumar: Indian Kabaddi Player

12. Tushar Balaram Bhoir

Tushar Balaram Bhoir

Tushar Bhoir is the defender of Dabang Delhi K.C. Team. He always cover the right corner of the play ground. He have an experince of 8 matches in PKL.

Tushar Balaram Bhoir: Indian Kabaddi Player

13. Satpal Narwal

Satpal Narwal

Satpal Narwal is the defender of right corner. He very good player having 10 matches experience and he scored 28 point in his PKL career. He was born on 18 November 1991.

Satpal Narwal: Indian Kabaddi Player

14. Joginder Singh Narwal

Joginder Singh Narwal

Joginder Narwal is the best all rounder in the Dabang Delhi K.C. Team. He is the highest paid all rounder in Dabang Delhi K.C. Team. He have the experience of 38 matches and he scored total 77 points. He was born on 20 April 1982.

Joginder Singh Narwal: Indian Kabaddi player

15. Meraj Sheykh

Meraj Sheykh

Meraj Sheykh originally known as a Irani Kabaddi player who currently representing Delhi Dabang KC. He is a experienced Kabaddi player, playing from 2nd season of PKL. He has played total 82 matches and scored 362 points in which 796 are Raid points and 144 tackle points. He is in the race of top all rounder in th PKL 2019 and purchased by the owner in very high cost of 65.55 lakh. Meraj Sheykh best known as All rounder and ready to roar in PKL 2019 season 7.

Meraj Sheykh: Iranian Kabaddi Player

16. Tapas Pal

Tapas Pal

Tapas Pal have an experince of 5 matches in PKL and bought by the Dabang Delhi K.C. Team owner in 6.6 lakh. He is the all rounder in the team. He was born on 20 August 1998.

Tapas Pal: Indian Kabaddi Player

17. Vishal


Vishal is the all rounder of Dabang Delhi. The owner bought him in 6.6 lakh for the 2018 PKL. He is the young, talented all rounder in the team. He was born on 15 June 1996. He have the 5 matches experiences in the PKL.

Vishal: Indian Kabaddi Player

18. Rajesh Narwal

Rajesh Narwal

Rajesh Narwal is professional Kabaddi player who represents Dabang Delhi. He best known as All Rounder, playing from season first of PKL. Rajesh yet played total 76 matches and scored 377 total points in which 277 are raid points and 100 Tackle points. Rajesh Narwal ready to roar in PKL season 6. His auction price was 16 Lakh. He was born on 8 July 1990.

Rajesh Narwal: Indian Kabaddi Player

19. Ravinder Pahal

Ravinder Pahal

Ravinder Pahal is an aggressive right corner defender from Haryana state. He was born on 7 December 1990. One of the best defending move of Ravinder Pahal is its ankle hold. In last five session of Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2018, Ravinder Pahal earned 204 tackle point in 67 matches. Pro Kabaddi 2018 Session-6 may be a come back session for Ravinder Pahal. For score table of Ravinder Pahal for Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2018 would be updates soon.

Ravinder Pahal: Indian Kabaddi Player



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