Cryptoknowmics [List]
  1. 1. How Blockchain Technology Can Transform Human Resource Capital


    If you go by blockchain technical analysis today, then you will analyze the growing importance of blockchain technology in various industries including health, business, fashion, aviation, transport, textile and so many to include. Google this underlying technology, and you won’t be counting time on examining the results, and there won’t be anything much on HR. Now, this is the wake-up call for the HR space, as blockchain has hinted its worth to disrupt the latter field. In other words, blockchain can bring about reforming ways, in the regular tasks of HR. Now it has become important to know about how blockchain technology can transform human resource capital in different ways, that can prove useful for this capital. Protection From Cyber Crime HR management has the onus to look after financial and personal data which is much sensitive. The data varies from disciplinary records, finance, payment, health insurance, banking, and a lot more. But, there is a risk regarding the misuse of these data. With the help of blockchain technology, the risk of data exploitation can be intercepted very well. It is all because blockchain is a decentralized technology, and gives no single chance to any hacker in corrupting data and access it. Adding on to it, verification and authorization are must for any changes.

  2. 2. Blockchain Technology To Influence The Enlisting Process


    Nowadays, searching for candidates based on their worth and potential, through verification has somewhat become a very complicated process for human resource capital. There are possibilities for cheating and inaccuracy. By referring to the word, cheating, we mean tweaking of curriculum vitae by the potential hires, in the greed of attaining the desired job profile. Other than it, the references can also be forged by them. But if the blockchain technology stores the record of every employee, all these fabrications can be avoided.

    With the help of this digital ledger, the applicants and employers would quickly get the answers they want. The access to blockchain-based employment data including educational records, employment history, and call letters, etc, if permitted to the applicant will let them provide worthy employers. It includes There would be no requirement for applicant emailing, and waiting for the feedback given by their previous employers.

    Advancement In Attendance Data And Time Accuracy

    The above benefits of the blockchain state it as a worthy and helpful technology for human resource capital. Leaving no scope of any unofficial changes, blockchain ensures the accuracy of data. This indicates the fact that the accumulation of information via attendance and time is error-free and cannot be exploited easily. The blockchain technology is now even popularly used for the biometric data system, for keeping and checking information. An NGO like ID2020 is the best example to follow it.

  3. 3. Helping Cryptocurrency Pay Workers


    Now, will it possible for Human resource capital managers to overlook the fact about the existence of blockchain technology in the first spot? Possibly not. If workers from developed nations are specially hired, then the execution of crypto payroll will become needless. The sense of standard payment lies only in fiat currency. But it also makes sense for businesses hiring on a worldwide scale, pay in cryptocurrencies including the major ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Accessing money, and utilization for the simple purchase of services and goods matters a lot for the workers. Those who live in a country where there is a devaluation of the currency, and banking seems to be not worthy of trust, or other barriers placed by the government, this is not the case. When blockchain technology backs the payroll systems based on crypto, it leads to many opportunities to drag more and more workers, globally by businesses.

    Payment Facilitation To Gig Workers By Smart Contracts

    It becomes a patience test for gig workers regarding their invoices and working which goes through the process of manual verification. With the use of smart contracts, the payment can be instantly done to workers, through an automated process by the companies where blockchain is referred. The growth of the gig economy will let companies getting more dragged towards remote workers. And it will be going to make an impact on companies to rise according to their worth to extract potential manpower, globally.


    So this is how you can analyze the worth of blockchain technology in helping the human resource capital by the useful transformation. It has been decades since the inception of Bitcoin, the digital coin behind the success of cryptocurrency. But one must not forget the fact that blockchain the underlying technology too has its lion share in becoming a popular milestone as per its growing use in various technology, including the HR, textile, health, transport, fashion, and so many in the list. This makes one thing of sure, and it is that blockchain would sustain its stability, even without cryptocurrency existence. So keep following blockchain regulation news and get all the newer updates arriving in the crypto world.

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