BJP Candidate List 2021 West Bengal

List of BJP Candidate 2021 West Bengal

Dear readers, If you are looking for the BJP Candidate List 2021 West Bengal then you are at the right place. BJP which also known as Bharatiya Janata Party is the largest political party in Indian democracy. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani are the founders of the BJP Party.

Recently BJP has released the Candidate list for 2021 in West Bengal. This is a list of the upcoming elections that are going to be held soon and will impact the political environment of to only Bengal but also the whole country. If you want to check your favourite candidates that are on the list or not, you can check the following list of West Bengal BJP candidates 2021.

BJP Candidate List 2021 West Bengal

S.No BJP Cadidates Name
1 Ashish Kumar Trivedi Kashipur Belgachhia
2 Rajendra Prasad Sau Kashipur Belgachhia
3 Anima Singh Kashipur Belgachhia
4 Sabyasachi Chakraborty Kashipur Belgachhia
5 Ram Yadav Kashipur Belgachhia
6 Premila Singh Kashipur Belgachhia
7 Brajesh Jhan Shampukur
8 Manoj Singh Shampukur
9 Ruby Banerjee Shyampukur
10 Ishwardayal Sau Shampukur
11 Manas Sen Chowdhury Maniktala
12 Tanushree Roy Maniktala
13 Kunal Bhattacharya Maniktala
14 Devraj Saha Maniktala
15 Anita Das Maniktala
16 Sarat Singh Maniktala
17 Parmita Bandyopadhyay Jaiswal Shampukur
18 Anuradha Singh Shampukur
19 Debashis Sheel Shampukur
20 Mukunda Jhawar Shampukur
21 Purnima Chakraborty Shyampukur
22 Meenadevi priest Jorasanko
23 Vijay Ojha Jorasanko
24 Kamini Tiwari Shampukur
25 Sunil Harsh Jorasanko
26 Shashi Gonda Shampukur
27 Monju Jaiswal Jorasanko
28 Amiya Hajra Beleghata
29 Beleghata of Mohammad Muktar
30 Majhindar Khar Beleghata
31 Narayan Chowdhury Maniktala
32 Ruby Sanyal Maniktala
33 Rita Debnath Mandal Beleghata
34 Soma Das Beleghata
35 Girish Shukla Beleghata
36 Ravikant Singh Beleghata
37 Seasonal Jorasanko
38 Ramesh Thakur Joyswal Jorasanko
39 Mohammad Jahangir Jorasanko
40 Shefali Sharma Jorasanko
41 Rajiv Singha Jorasanko
42 Sunita Jhawar Jorasanko
43 Jorasanko of Chhanda Kharawa
44 Mukesh Singh Chowrangi
45 Kushal Pandey Chowrangi
46 Pinky Sonkar Chowrangi
47 Chitra Pal Bosnia Chowrangi
48 Chittaranjan Manna Chowrangi
49 Rajalakshmi Biswas Chowrangi
50 Sajal Ghosh Chowrangi
51 Sanjeev Gunin Chowrangi
52 Kamini Santani Khatik Chowrangi
53 Gautam Dasgupta Chowrangi
54 Debashis Dutt Antali
55 Amrita Ghosh Entally
56 Tapan Samanta Antali
57 Beleghata by reunion
58 Chandan Das Antali
59 Oishi Maji Antali
60 Ramesh Kumar Singh Baliganj
61 Harinarayan Tiwari Baliganj
62 Sahina Khatun Chowrangi
63 Nabin Mishra Bhabanipur
64 Dipankar Saha Baliganj
65 Sonia Pandey Baliganj
66 Abhishek Singh Kasba
67 Sandeep Banerjee Kasba
68 Pinky Ghosh Baliganj
69 Kushal Prasad Mishra Baliganj
70 Bhimsingh Burma Bhabanipur
71 Pramita Ghosh Bhabanipur
72 Ruma Nanda Bhabanipur
73 Indrajith Khatik Bhabanipur
74 Parmita Dutta Bhabanipur
75 Mahesh Ram Kolkata Port
76 Sajal Kar Kolkata Port
77 Gopa Bandyopadhyay Bhabanipur
78 Veena Kanojia Kolkata Port
79 Jitendra Mani Trivedi Kolkata Port
80 Ershad Ahmed Kolkata Port
81 Ditya kar rasbihari
82 Pratap Sonkar Bhabanipur
83 Gouranga Sarkar Rasbihari
84 Tamasha Chatterjee Rasbihari
85 Ruby Mukherjee Baliganj
86 Rajarshi Lahiri Rasbihari
87 Anushree Chatterjee Rasbihari
88 Samir Shil Rasbihari
89 Shantanu Bhattacharya Rasbihari
90 Mausumi Bhattacharya Rasbihari
91 Dilip Kumar Mitra Kasba
92 Sumon Das Kasba
93 Sumita Dasgupta Rasbihari
94 Pradeepta Arjun Taliganj
95 Rajib Saha Taliganj
96 Sandipa Singh Roy Jadavpur
97 Soma Ghosh Taliganj
98 Chandan Kumar Saha Taliganj
99 Tania Das Jadavpur
100 Sanjay Das Taliganj
101 Santosh Mishra Jadavpur
102 Indira Gangopadhyay Jadavpur
103 Sandeep Bagchi Jadavpur
104 Swarup Mukherjee Jadavpur
105 Tamali Roy Jadavpur
106 Pawan Vaidya Jadavpur
107 Somnath Das Kasba
108 Meghnad Haldar Kasba
109 Beauty Roy Haldar Jadavpur
110 Nitai Mandal Jadavpur
111 Parijat Chand Taliganj
112 Devajyoti Majumdar Taliganj
113 Ruby Mandal Das Taliganj
114 Perth Pal Taliganj
115 Tapas style violin east
116 Swapna Bandyopadhyay Behala East
117 Kalyani Dasgupta Behala East
118 Dipankar merchant violin west
119 Rakhi Chatterjee Behala West
120 Ujjwal Baral Behala East
121 Chandravan Singh Behala East
122 Sangeeta Nath De Behala East
123 Sharmistha Bhattacharya Behala East
124 Shankar Sikdar Behala East
125 Dahlia Chakraborty Behala West
126 Pradeep Kumar Roy Behala West
127 Mallika Biswas Behala West
128 Shirshendu Bandyopadhyay Behala West
129 Navneeta Bhattacharya Behala West
130 Good luck Behala West
131 Rabin Roy Behala West
132 Sutapa Gupta Behala West
133 Sadananda Prasad Calcutta Port
134 Mumtaz Ali Kolkata Port
135 Archana Gupta Calcutta Port
136 Anil Burma Metiaburuj
137 Rakesh Burma Metiaburuj
138 Janita Nazmin Metiaburuj
139 Mahijabin Khatun Metiaburuj
140 Mohammad Salauddin Metiaburuj
141 Tapas Dhali Metiaburuj
142 Amar Das Behala East
143 Gargi Bishwanathan Behala East
144 Anindita Ghosh Behala East

We hope you liked the BJP candidates for the 2021 West Bengal List and for further updates you can revisit this website. So that you don’t miss any new information related to this list. This is the latest list and would help you to know bout the names of those candidates who are going to represent your area.



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