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List of Best Bilal Saeed Songs of All Time

Last Updated on: August 28, 2019 | Created On: October 17, 2018
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5 Best Bilal Saeed Songs of All Time

This List contains 5 Best Bilal Saeed Songs of All Time. Please share your comments and votes on items to make this list more helpful for other users.

  1. Paranday song official video now has been published by Speed Punjabi which is sung by Bilal Saeed who also panned lyrics of this song and song video produced by F. Chaudhary.
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  2. Hookah Hookah is a new Punjabi song sung by versatile singer Bilal Saeed and Muhfaad raped in this song. Song composed and produced by Bloodline Music and lyrics written by Kamil n Jabz. More details given in the below table.
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  3. Desi Music Factory presented Suroor song on 3 November 2018 which is sung by most versatile singer Neha kakkar. Song lyrics panned by Bilal Saeed and who is also lyrics writer and Music producer of this song.
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  4. High Waist Jeans is an upcoming song by Bilal Saeed. This song official video not released yet. High Waist Jeans MP3 song available here.
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  5. 5.


    Neha Kakkar Punjabi Song
    Baarish is a new Punjabi song by Neha Kakkar and Bilal Saeed. This song has been published on YouTube by Musical Bridge TM. However, its official video not released yet. This song sung by Neha kakkar which lyrics and music given by Bilal Saeed . More details are given below:-
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