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List of Best Hot and Cold Water Dispensers with RO Purifier in India

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The new invented technology of Dispensing Hot and Cold water with RO purification technology is the technology in which we can get the RO purified water in Hot, Cold and Room temperature conditions. The Dispenser gives the cold water with the process of compressor and gives Hot water with the help of hot chamber. As the word dispenser suggest that categorized any material according to the particular conditions. So Hot and Cold water dispenser is distributed the water according to the condition of temperature.

The RO purification technology is basically used for the purification for the water. Revers osmosis (RO) process is the process in which the water goes through the semipermeable membrane and it divided the water into two parts, one is the purified water and other one is rejected or waste water.

10 Best Hot and Cold Water Dispensers with RO Purifier in India (2020 Updated List)

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    Blue Star Stella have RO+UV+ 6 stages water purification technology with filtration process pre sediment, sediment, activated carbon, RO membrane, UV filtration and post carbon filtration process. It have an advance dispensing system which gives 4.2 ltr. cold water, 3.4 ltr. room temperature water and 0.6 ltr. hot water. the temp. range of water is up to 5 degree cold water and up to 85 degree hot water. It have 8.2 ltr. purified water storage capacity. It have an advance display indication.


    Dr. Aquaguard Fusion water have the double purification RO+uv with 6 stages water filtration process including RO and UV. It have an advance function of Hot, Cold and Ambient water dispenser. It is applicable for TDs range up to 2000 ppm. It have 3.9 ltr. water storage capacity. It have 1.6 ltr. Ambient water tank, 0.8 ltr. Hot water tank and 1.5 ltr. Cold water tank. It have 15 ltr. per hour purification rate.

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    Kent Perk

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    Kent Perk is the best water purifier comes with the technology of RO+UF+TDS Controller. It have 20 ltr. purified water storage capacity. It have 6 stages water purification process. It have inbuilt TDS controller, which maintains the minerals into water. It have an advance technology of Cold and Ambient water dispenser.It have large purification capacity of 50 ltr. per hour. It have advance alert system of filter change alarm. It have LED indicator facility for Power "ON" and "OFF".


    Aquaguard Cooler Cum Purifier is the latest product that provide cold and normal temperature water with the surety of purity. Ultra Violet filtration process ensure the pure and healthy water.


    Blue Mount Comfort is the range of product which provide pure + cold + Hot water in the summer season. It can also provide normal water for home and offices. It is better for the TDS level up to 2000 PPM.


    Bluebird Pure BWC-150 is the water purifier with the water cooler having 4 stages of water purification process. It have cooling capacity of 150 liter per hour.It have fully stainless steel body.


    Bepure Hot and Cold Dispenser Cum Purifier is made of plastic material. It have the latest technology of water purification with the hot and cold features. It have 45 to 47 storage capacity.


    Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Cum Purifier of H2O technique having the latest technology of purification as well as the dispenser features inbuilt. It have Highly efficient company compressor, Auto shut off switch (over heating protection), Elegant and stylish design.


    Blue Mount Water Chiller Cool 80 is floor top, 80 liter water chiller. It have Online RO + Antioxidant Alkaline + LED Display System for the better observation. The purification capacity of Blue Mount Water Chiller Cool 80 is up to 40 Liters Per Hour.


    A. O. Smith Z1 is the best water purifier with 5 stages of water purification process. It have Night assist feature. It also have UV purified Hot water option which you can choose in the category from 45°C to 80°C. It is suitable for TDS up to 200 ppm and hardness up to 120 ppm. It have 10 liter water storage capacity.