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List of Best Sports Movies of Hollywood

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Here i am going to create a list of Best Sports Movies of Hollywood. Please Vote and Comment your reviews.

24 Best Sports Movies of Hollywood (2020 Updated List)

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    A business man looses his son, a talented young jockey during a horse race. He with the help of his son’s horse trainer decides to train an undersized, temperamental horse with a slight limp, called Seabiscuit. Enduring a lot of losses, the seabiscuit eventually become one of the most successful race horses in the history of American race course, inspiring a lot of horse jockeys.


    Billy Hope is a defending middle weight boxing champion with a happy life with a wife and daughter. His life comes crashing down when he start losing the matches. Eventually he loses his house, wife, daughter and everything he loved. But, a former black fighter who trains the toughest amateur boxers comes into his rescue. With his tactful training and his own dedication and hard work, Billy fights to reclaim his family and everything else he lost.


    In 1974, Outspoken Brian Clough takes charge of Leeds united football club, after the resignation of Don Revie. Brian in order to become better than his predecessor makes rash choices and tough tactics which ends his career only after 44 day of his taking the charge as a coach.

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    During the period of severe racism, Branch Ricky, the legendary manager of Brooklyn Dodger, defying all rules of contemporary baseball, sign a black man Jackie Robinson to the team. For this brave act Ricky and Jackie faces open racism from the public, fellow players and the press. Jackie remaining silent and with lot of courage and determination, silences all critics with his undeniable talent in the field.


    A farmer hears a mysterious voice in his dream which says “if you build it, he will come”. Despite the strong opposition from the people, with support of his wife he builds a baseball ground in his farm field. When the baseball diamond is completed, the ghost of famous baseball player tart emerging from the nearby crop to play baseball matches, under the captaincy of “shoeless” Joe Jackson. But soon farmer realize that his field of dream is much more than about only baseball game.


    Roy Hobb’s baseball career ends abruptly, at an early age, when he is shot by an unstable man. After 16 years Hobb return to pro baseball as a rookie, for New York Knights. Wining an argument with the team coach, Hobb gets a chance to play and becomes one of the best players in the squad. New York knights starts winning, which make the owner of the team upset, who want team to lose matches.. Not win. Why?


    Journalism student Matt move into London with his mother and sister. There he befriends football hooligan Pete, whose gang fights with the rival team members after every match. But, Pete’s right hand Bovver doesn’t like Matt and deliberately reopen a years old rivalry between Matt’s brother and a rival gang leader.


    Herb Brook is an ex-hockey player who is assigned to coach the US men’s hockey team of 1980 Olympic. He assembles a hot headed young team, who are humiliated in earlier defeat with powerful soviet team. With his unique style and tactful coaching he succeeds in taking his team to the final and win the gold medal against the heavily favored soviet team.


    Tonya Harding is a very talented figure skater who is the first American woman skater to complete a triple axle in a competition. However, Harding’s legacy and reputation get tarnished when her ex-husband conspire to injure a fellow Olympic aspirant in an attack, which force the young woman to withdraw from the championship of 1994.


    Rubin is a middleweight boxer who is dreaming of becoming a boxing champion. His dream get shattered when he get wrongfully, accused, arrested and awarded 3 life terms in prison for the murders of 3 persons in a bar brawl.


    When boxing champion Apollo Creed died, his wife was pregnant, with his on Adonis. Since boxing is in his blood, he seeks the help of Rocky Balboa to train him to become a Boxer. Rocky sees every bit of qualities of Creed in Adonis. So, he trains Adonis to play against a deadly opponent.


    A homeless big black boy Michael, with flawed history of schooling, gets adopted by a white couple. They become his legal guardians and admit him to a good school, where he, due to his enormous size, becomes a star football player.


    Billy Bean is a baseball team manager of Oakland A, with a tight budget. Still he wishes to compete with the teams with big money and budget. So, he assembles a team made up of player rejected by the big shots, calling them a useless and flawed. Bean challenge to bring best out of them and become victorious.


    New Zealander Burt Munro likes his classic Indian motorcycle more than his life. In 1967, Burt takes his beloved motorcycle to the salt flats of Utah to attempt the impossible task of achieving the highest peed. There he achieves the world record for the highest speed, which is not broken till today.


    Mickey is an aspiring boxer from a poor family, where his tough mother is his manager and once promising boxer and now a cocaine addict half brother is his trainer. In spite of his hard work, he keeps on loosing. After a last fight which nearly kills him, his girlfriend asks him to come out of his family and try once again. Then Mickey gain success making his family to rethink about their strategy.


    Herman is a black coach who is appointed to train an all black school football team in Virginia, where football is a way of life, where each game is more celebrated than Christmas. In a place where every game is a war, an all black team is pitted against an all white team in a high voltage do or die kind of a racially integrated game.


    Randy Robinson is an ageing wrestler who still has stamina for the ring. After a brutal defeat in a high power game, Randy calls it off and pursues a serious relationship with a stripper lady and tries to make truce with his angry daughter. But, fate brings him to a point in his life, where he readies himself for one last and final comeback into the boxing ring.


    The journey of a pool shark, Eddie Felson, who travels from one underground smoke filled playing room to another until he challenges the legendary Minnesota Fats, in a very high stake game. Due to his high overconfident and destructive attitude, Eddie looses the match.


    Ex boxer, James Braddock works as a day labour, during depression era, but can’t meet ends with his meagre income. Once his former manager meets him and invites him to have a ring fight with a rising boxing star. James wins the match and slowly rises to stardom, against the wishes of his frightened wife. But, James becomes very ambitious and sets his eye on the defending heavy weight champion, Max Baer.


    A veteran Los Angeles boxing trainer doesn’t mingle with anyone except hi close friend Eddie. When an ambitious young girl from working class Missourie, approaches him to get boxing training, he refuses to give. But, after repeated persuasion from the girl and his friend Eddie, the boxer agrees to take her as his student and develops a close bond with her, which changes both of their future.

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    During mid 70’s a fierce rivalry begins between charismatic English playboy James Hunt and Austrian perfectionist Niki Lauda, in formula I racing. Both strive to reach excellence pushing them to the breaking point of physical and mental endurance, while their girlfriends become mere spectators of this deathly race.

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    Rocky balboa is a working class, small town boxer in Philadelphia. He gets an invitation to fight against the world heavy weight champion, Apollo Creed, when his opponent cancels the fight at the last minute. As his career picks momentum, under the training of feisty former bantamweight contender Mickey Goldmill, Rocky falls in love with the sister of his friend, Paulie.

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    This is the biopic of the great boxer Jake Lamota. At the height of his career, he falls in love with a beautiful girl from the Bronx. His obsession and jealousy over the girl enter into the ring and witnesses his downfall, and he become an overweight stand up comedian.

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    An ex marine with a tragic past, returns home and enlist his father, an alcoholic and a former wrestling coach to train him for the biggest tournament SPARTA, of MMA ring. But, when his brother Brendan also enlists himself in the tournament, both brothers come face to face in a brutal and fierce battle.