List of Best Silent Comedians in the World

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This List contains the 10 Best Silent Comedians in the World.

Silent comedy is the unique style of comedy used in the films. The people who were born in 80s or 90s might have heard about silent comedians but the kids of today probably hasn’t heard about the silent era of comedy. The first silent comedy film of 49 second shown to public on 10 June 1895. It was directed and produced by Louis Lumiere. It is the style of comedy in which comedian present a funny story silently. The first international silent comedian star came was the French Max Linder. Following is the list of silent comedians, some of them might be heard of whereas rest have been forgotten.

List of Best Silent Comedians in the World

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    Mr. Bean

    British Sitcom
    Mr. Bean is a British comedian show which is created by Mr. Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is an English silent comedy more
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    Charles Chaplin

    English Comic Actor
    Charles Chaplin was the most famous silent comedy actor. He was born on 1889 in England and died in 1977. He was the English comic actor, composer more
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    Harold Lloyd

    American Actor, Comedian
    Harold Lloyd was born on 20 April 1893 in U.S. and died in 8 March 1971. In between 1914 and 1947, Lloyd made nearly 200 comedy films, both silent more
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    Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle

    American Film Actor
    Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle was born on March 24, 1887 in Smith Center, Kansas. He weighed in excess of 13 lb (5.9 kg) at birth, as both parents had more
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    Ben Turpin

    American Comedian
    Ben Turpin started his film carrier in 1907. In 1915 Charlie Chaplin joined the Essanay company and the studio made Turpin his second banana. Turpin more
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    Oliver Norvell Hardy

    American Comic Actor
    Oliver Hardy was an American comic actor. He was born on 18 January 1892 in Georgia and died in 7 August 1957 in California. From 1921 to 1951 , he more
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    Larry Semon

    American Actor
    Larry Semon was a famous Actor, Director, Producer, Screen writer during the silent film era. He was born on 9 February 1889 and died in 8 October more
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    Stan Laurel

    British Comic Actor
    Stan Laurel was the comic actor , writer and film director. He was the part of comedy duo Laurel and Hardy. He appeared with his comedy partner more
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    Mary Pickford

    American-Canadian Film Actress
    Mary Pickford, was a Canadian-born film actress. She was the co-founder of Pickford-Fairbanks Studio and United Artists film studio. She was famous more
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    Harry Langdon

    American Comedian
    Harry Langdon was born on 15 June 1884 and died in 22 December 1944. He was the american comedian. He had a greatest fame list in silent film era at more
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