List of Best Restaurant Management Softwares in India for Small Business

Updated: November 27, 2019 By: Wikilistia Staff

Restaurant management software can improve the billing process in India. Compare prices of free restaurant software, features and modules for business.

Best Restaurant Management Softwares in India for Small Business List
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    1. 1. Logic F

      Logic F

      Logic F&B restaurant management software helps businesses in the food and beverage industry with daily operations, point of sale functions and kitchen processes (recipe management) for food courts, cafe, bars, ice cream parlors, quick service restaurants (QSR), etc. It lets you manage the different departments in a business such as payroll, accounts & finance, and CRM, through a single interface.

      Logic F:

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    2. 2. Square


      Apt for full-service restaurant operations, Square POS restaurant software helps you run your restaurant the way you like it. This is a point-of-sale platform that manages software, hardware, and payments to streamline all the operations of your restaurant.


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    3. 3. Touchbistro


      Ideal for large-scale restaurants, this mobile iPad- restaurant point of sale is mainly developed to help restaurant owners provide better service to customers.


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    4. 4. HD Restaurant Management System

      HD Restaurant Management System

      HDPOS Smart Restaurant Software is an advanced restaurant management software for restaurants, cafes, quick service restaurants (QSR), pubs, etc. It’s an easy to use solution that assists with POS, table management, banquet hall management, take always & deliveries, order token management and much more.

      HD Restaurant Management System:

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    5. 5. GoFrugal Restaurant POS software

      GoFrugal Restaurant POS software

      GoFrugal Restaurant POS software has been specially designed to ease and automate overall restaurant operations including point of sale inventory management, billing, bookkeeping, report generation, mobile-order capabilities, recipe management, and much more. This restaurant billing software allows restaurant staff to manage their operations seamlessly with very little effort.

      GoFrugal Restaurant POS software:

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    6. 6. Limetray


      Limetray is a restaurant management system software which helps restaurants get online & gives them the tools they need to efficiently manage their business, build a brand and engage with customers. It’s an end-to-end solution, with dedicated modules for online ordering, table reservations, POS, order management, IVR & CRM service, among others.


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    7. 7. SlickPOS Restaurant

      SlickPOS Restaurant

      SlickPOS is a cloud-based restaurant billing system software for restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, cloud kitchens, food courts, etc. With SlickPOS, a restaurant business can expand and grow its business and streamline its different operations. From POS to sales reporting and analytics, it’s the best restaurant POS management system available.

      SlickPOS Restaurant:

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    8. 8. Cozy POS

      Cozy POS

      The main module of restaurant management software includes accepting payments and tracking sales. The POS usually includes table and on-site POS via kiosk, handheld, or tablet, so that you can take orders remotely from the main cashier register. The POS links with inventory management, credit/debit cards, and payment gateways.

      Cozy POS:

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