Best Political Leaders in Azamgarh List

There are many ledaer in Azamgarh Lok sabha kshetra.Abu Asim Azmi ,Amar Singh

Best Political Leaders in Azamgarh List

1. Sharoj Shri Daroga Prasad

Sharoj Shri Daroga Prasad

Daroga Prasad was born on 1st January 1956, his father name is Shri Tilesar. Spouse name is Patti Devi ,he has three daughter and three son. 1-1998 -He elected to 12th Loksabha 2-1998-99-Member, committee on food, civil supplies and public distribution, Member comittee on member of parliament, Local area development scheme.

Sharoj Shri Daroga Prasad:

2. Ramakant Yadav

Ramakant Yadav

Ramakant Yadav is best political leaders in Azamgarh. He is born on 1st July 1957 Azamgarh Utter Pradesh India. His wife name is Ranjana Yadav, he has two son one daughter. History of his Leadership- 1-1985-95-Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly(Four Term) 2-1996-Elected to 11th Lok Sabha 3-1999- Re elected to 13th Lok Sabha 4-1999-2004-Member committee on commerce 5-2000-2004-Member Consultative Committe, Ministry of Railways 6-2004-Re elected to 14th Loksabha( 3rd term) 7-2004-8-Member, Committee on food,Consumer affairs & Public Distribution. 8-2008-Ceased to be a member. 9-2009-Re elected to 15th Loksabha. 10-31 August 2009-Member Committe on food, Consumer Affair and Publec Distribution.

Ramakant Yadav:

3. Abu Asim Azmi

Abu Asim Azmi

1-Abu Asim Azmi 2-Amar Singh 3-Daroga Prasad Saroj 4-Iliyas Azmi 5-Ram Naresh Yadav 6-Rama kant Yadav 7-Umakant Yadav

Abu Asim Azmi: Political Leader

4. Umakant Yadav

Umakant Yadav

Umakant yadav was born on 1954 in Azamgarh Utter Pradesh. Her spouse name Sudama Yadav, he has five son. His constituency is Machhlisahar. In 2004 Loksabha Constituency he is elected as Member of Parliament from Jounpur from Bahujan Samaj Party

Umakant Yadav: Leader in Azamgarh

5. Ram Naresh Yadav

Ram Naresh Yadav

Ram Naresh Yadav was born on 1st july 1928 in Andhipur Village of Distic Azamgarh indian politics and former cm of utter pradesh. He is political leader of Janta Party. In 1977 when Janta party comes in Government then he is become chief minister of uttter pradeh. Latter he join Indian Congress. 1- In 1977 he is candidate of janta party from Azamgarh Loksabha constituency. First time he won and reached to Lokasabha 2- Afterr 1977 election the sub-election he elected as memeber of Vidhan sabha 3-1985.1996,2002, again he elected as member of Vidhan sabha. 4-1988-1989, he is elected as member Rajya Sabha from Lok dal Party. 5-1989-1994, he is elected as Rajya Sabha member from Indian National Congress. 6-He is become a Chief Minsiter of Utter Pradesh from 23 June 1977- 28 February 1979. 7-8 th Sep 2011 he is become a Governor of Madhya Pradesh.

Ram Naresh Yadav: Best leader in Azamgarh

6. Iliyas Azmi

Iliyas Azmi

Iliyas Azmi was born on 22 August 1934, Azamgarh for the kheri 2009 and Shahbad Loksabha Constituency in 2004 in Utter Pradesh. He won the Loksabha election twice on Bahujan Samaj party ticket. Subsequently he join Aam Admi Party and he quit Aam Admi Party and PAC 2016.

Iliyas Azmi:



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